Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice: Agrees to Forest Management Plan

President Donald Trump and his administration have long advocated for better forest management to prevent the deadly wildfires that plague the western United States year after year but environmentalists have made it a mission to block these efforts.

But now the United States Forest Service and Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom have reached agreement on a $1 billion plan to clear vegetation that fuels fires on one million acres annually by 2025, with a plan on how to do that in place in 2021. The plan also includes restoring wetlands….

Is this supposed to be a revelation?  It used to be standard practice.   In europe and elsewhere, it never stopped.  I guess global warming made them forget how forest fires work.

It’s a little late in coming however.  It’s just in time for the davos crowd to move in once they’ve crashed the dollar and bought the entire state for virtually nothing.   Of course there’s the minor detail of what to do with the people who live their currently.   Luckily, they don’t matter.   Satanism makes everything so easy.

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