Democrat mail fraud will take us to the brink

It does however, provide convincing evidence that the democrats believe Trump will win.

Now that a top Democrat data analytics firm has finally confirmed that Democrats plan to claim victory weeks after the presidential election once enough of their “votes” show up in the mail to be counted, I don’t think any rational observer could view this as anything but a promise to destroy the legitimacy of the 2020 election.  The Democrats’ mission to fracture America permanently should be codenamed “Operation Chaos,” because it is chaos they are preparing to unleash.

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It was not a few thousand dollars’ worth of Russian Facebook posts and online internet trolls that nearly destroyed the Union after the 2016 election.  It was the way the Obama White House and an intelligence–law enforcement cabal run by the Democratic Party maliciously and intentionally magnified Russia’s limited hijinks into the greatest political hoax in American history.  The Democrats preferred to drag the United States through four years of nonsensical conspiracy theories, needless investigations, and cries of high treason rather than to acknowledge that President Trump had legitimately defeated Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats chose an unprecedented campaign of sabotage against an American president, and in doing so, they accomplished what Putin’s Russia could never have dreamed: they succeeded in convincing half of America that the 2016 election was stolen from them.  The Democrats and the Deep State that has aided and abetted their cause have sold bitter acrimony for four years and birthed our precarious pre-civil war tinderbox today.

With American peace now hanging in the balance, will Democrats choose country over socialism and temper passions already overinflamed?  Of course not.  If four years of the Russia hoax has brought our nation to the brink of civil strife, the Democrats’ Operation Chaos will make it nearly impossible for wisdom and reason to succeed in the months ahead.  This fact alone should disqualify Democrats from office in 2020.  A party that is driving the country to civil war cannot be trusted to have the country’s best interest at heart.

Most Republicans (except the “useful idiots” who will look past corruption and fraud for the chance to remove President Trump) understand how the Democrats plan to use “cheat-by-mail” chaos to elevate a man who can’t remember his opponent’s name (or even his running mate’s) to commander in chief.  They have a three-tailed con in play: (1) attempt to win swing states fast and declare victory before fraudulent ballots can be scrutinized; (2) harvest loose ballots after election day until Trump vote leads disappear; (3) throw the whole mess into state and federal courts until a Democrat-leaning judge gives them a Democrat lead.  At any time that one of these tails secures a Democrat victory, the “useful idiot” NeverTrumps and hacks in the press will aid the Democrats in quickly declaring the election over and calling for President Trump’s concession.  (When executing a good con, it’s always best to have “disinterested” third parties move the con along.)  By that point, offending ballots will be “disappeared” before they can ever be scrutinized again.  And at any stage of this dangerous game, if President Trump and his supporters fight the outcome, our efforts — not Democrat vote fraud — will be framed as “threats to democracy.”

All the chaos lying ahead was preventable, of course.  In the most modern and technically advanced nation in the history of the planet, the idea that the United States cannot vouchsafe the results of a democratic election is absurd.  All over the world, successful elections take place without high-tech voting booths or sophisticated methods for tallying votes, but in America, we are plagued with so much uncertainty as to whether our elections are the outcomes of massive fraud that election integrity is impossible.  You can’t have fair and equitable elections when every single American believes the vote is already rigged.

Obviously, if our constitutional republic is to utilize democratic elections to decide whether we choose Donald Trump’s “America First” policies or Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal, then safeguarding the American vote is paramount over any other responsibility of our federal and state governments.  Instead, because the political establishment in America routinely ignores the wishes of American voters, it has turned a blind eye to the corruption and inaccuracy of American elections.

Democrats (and “Republican” enablers like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) argue that election fraud is a myth when it is, in fact, well documented.  They argue that non-citizen voting occurs in such low numbers as to be meaningless when meaningful elections every year are decided by a few hundred votes.  They argue that election judges can be trusted when many have been prosecuted for altering votes and stuffing ballots.  They argue that sensible voter identification laws are unnecessary (and racist) when votes routinely show up from dead votersnon-voters, and voters who long ago left the jurisdictions in which they’re now cast.  They argue that ballot-harvesting is nothing to worry about when the outcomes of elections are overturned days and weeks after election day.  They argue that the same U.S. Postal Service that just endorsed the Democratic Party can be trusted to impartially handle Republican votes….

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