Amazon Keeps Spreading Across America, Plans 1000 Warehouses In Suburban Neighborhoods

Amazon is doubling down on ultra-fast deliveries with plans to open 1,000 small delivery centers across U.S. metro areas and suburbs, according to Bloomberg. The expansion will allow the e-commerce giant to take on Target and Walmart.

“The facilities, which will eventually number about 1,500, will bring products closer to customers, making shopping online about as fast as a quick run to the store. It will also help the world’s largest e-commerce company take on a resurgent Walmart.”

The small warehouses would support Amazon’s efforts to provide customers with two-day and or one-day deliveries for specific items, even if a demand surge is seen. The primary strategy here is to compete with Walmart and Target’s same-day delivery schemes. …

It will be so much more convenient when everyone is born, indoctrinated, functions and dies under one corporate umbrella.   But there will still need to be the black economy to accommodate the more satanic businesses like adrenochrome production.

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