Augmented reality screen on a contact lens & “special communication device”

Some theorize that Joe Biden was wearing some very advanced communication equipment at the debate Tuesday night. Both of these sound interesting to me… what about you? Or do you know of other devices? First,

Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of marketing at Mojo Vision, calls it Invisible Computing, a platform that overlays information on what you see in the real world — without requiring you to wear a huge gadget on your head.

Back in May, Sinclair showed me a screen that could display 14,000 pixels per inch, making it the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made.

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Next – and note that the little thing in his cuff “wiggles” like a little worm, which might be appropriate… or not…

10 Alleged Secret Weapons of the US Military

Too bad there is a tradition of secrecy. Would be good for us all to know about such weapons, to put us all on an equal footing… since we are the enemy, according to some in the government.

Read all about them here…

Madrid Erupts As Citizens Clash With Police During Anti-Lockdown Riots

London wasn’t the only European city where frustrated denizens took to the streets in anger to protest another round of COVID-19-inspired lockdowns. Madrid saw anti-lockdown protests blossom into full-on riots – as they were described in the Spanish press – as clashes between citizens and police grew increasingly violent.

Last week, the city council imposed new restrictions on more than 1 million inhabitants of Madrid, as they expanded the number of COVID-19 hot spots to 45. Localized restrictions on movement were similar to those imposed during the lockdown in the spring, though not as harsh.

Over the weekend, thousands of Spaniards streamed into the streets of Madrid. Dozens of residents were involved in violent clashes with the police.

Demonstrating that American cops don’t have a monopoly on police brutality, one Spanish cop was filmed headbutting a detained man.

Protests weren’t confined to Madrid. They were widespread over the weekend across areas such as Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Villa de Vallecas, Villaverde, Ciudad Lineal, Vicálvaro, San Blas and Carabanchel.

Over one million people are subject to the new localized lockdown restrictions and may only leave their homes for work, medical or educational purposes and only if they carry supporting documents. Poorer and migrant workers who rely on public transit to get to jobs in the construction industry say these measures discriminate against them.

Local businesses must operate at 50% capacity and must close before 10pm. Gatherings are limited to no more than six people. The new measures will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

Madrid is presently one of the worst-hit cities in all of Europe, with an infection rate of roughly 1,000 cases per 100,000 residents.