Fabricating a Pandemic – Who Could Organize It and Why

It is difficult not to notice something contrived in the currently announced “pandemic” of the Novel Covid-19 virus. Media coverage of this event has all the hallmarks of a coordinated hysterical campaign, namely:

  • the use of emotions instead of numbers and logic (for example videos showing allegedly overflowing hospitals and morgues, which can easily be staged or occur due to a natural situation unrelated to Covid-19)
  • the refusal to even mention the most obvious counter-arguments (for example, the media will never compare the number of deaths caused by flu in recent years with Covid-19 deaths)
  • and the complete censorship of all opinions that disagree with the mainstream media narrative, even those that come from recognised experts.

We have witnessed the publication of numerous fake stories, like the CNN report about bodies being left on the streets in Ecuador which was later debunked. We have frequently seen hysterical headlines that are not supported in any way by the contents of the article.

Finally, the national, as well as the local coverage, is always vague, never saying who exactly is ill or what they’ve got, or whether they are at home or in a hospital, and they never say how they treat the disease. Vagueness in media is a sure sign of lying.

Out of any proportion to reality, the mass media continues to drone on ominously that this is the New Normal, and that we might as well get used to it, that the world will never be as it was before the coronavirus. This is nothing more and nothing less than classic psychological warfare.

Why would a viral outbreak require “psy-ops”, that is, unless something larger was afoot?

The mainstream media as usual labels everybody who objects to their version of events a “Conspiracy Theorist.”

However, in addition to usual roster of sceptics like James Corbett or Del Bigtree, we now have many established scientists and doctors publicly questioning the version of events that is being presented by the mainstream media and governments.

These are, to name a few: Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a professor emeritus at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology; Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a member of PACE; Prof Dolores Cahill, Vice Chair of the IMI Scientific Committee (she has more important titles than I can fit here); Dr Peer Eifler from Austria; Dr Claus Köhnlein; Dr Scott Jensen, Minnesota Senator; Harvey A. Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health.

Each one of these intelligent, articulate and trustworthy people with top credentials disagree with the official story.

All these doctors accuse media, governments and WHO of fabricating the Covid pandemic and abusing their powers by taking extreme measures in the face of a disease that has shown no signs of being any worse than a typical seasonal flu.

Some of these doctors add even more disturbing accusations, namely, that some patients died because doctors used a wrong treatment protocol, that medical authorities were directed to list ‘coronavirus’ as the cause of death even when no coronavirus analysis was made, that many deaths were caused by putting people with active Covid-19 into nursing homes and, finally, that a drug capable of saving hundreds of thousands of lives is being denied to the population.

The question is…is this campaign of fear a spontaneous overreaction to a new virus, or was it organized by somebody to achieve some malicious goals?

If we conclude that the pandemic indeed is fake, the worldwide media campaign manufactured, government officials and WHO bribed or coerced, then further questions arise. Is there anyone who has the ability to pull this off?

If yes, then why did they do it, and how? ….


Ohio Citizen Group Files Federal Lawsuit to Remove State COVID-19 Emergency Order

Ohio is getting a lot of attention lately for alleged legislator–lobbyist–utility corruption (see 12345) and also citizens taking action against state mandated COVID-19 orders (see 12345).

Recently, another lawsuit has been filed by the latter.

From RichlandSource:

Ohio Stands Up! files lawsuit to remove DeWine’s COVID-19 emergency order

TOLEDO — An Ohio citizens group has filed a lawsuit in federal court to remove Gov. Mike DeWine’s emergency health order, which was signed on March 9 and remains in place today.

Ohio Stands Up! describes itself as a grassroots organization composed of Ohio citizens focused on restoring the rights of Ohio’s 11.69 million residents and educating the public about the realities of COVID-19 data. …


NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed!

The New York Times just reported something incredible.

You know those standard PCR tests for the COVID-19 virus that everybody in America has been rushing out to get? Well, according to the Times, they’re “diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus” and “are not likely to be contagious.”

In fact, when they looked at three sets of testing data from Massachusetts, New York, and Nevada, the Times says that, because of faulty procedures used at every single testing site in the country, “up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus” at all.

The experts they talked to were astonished that such cases are even getting classified as infections.

Not surprising since, as we’ll see, in the first of many curious understatements about how bad the scandal they’re reporting on really is, the research the Times cites actually suggests that those bogus positive tests they discovered were given to people carrying no virus whatsoever, not just insignificant amounts, as they report. And they’re upper bound of 90% for bogus positives is likely too low as well.

But, since they do admit that defective methods which are standard operating procedure literally everywhere inflated the number of positive tests by a factor of ten in one random sample, this would be big news even were it no worse than the Times is letting on.

Over 85 million PCR tests were given in the U.S. since dreading COVID-19 replaced baseball as our national pastime. At around $15o a pop, that’s almost $13 billion that, if the New York Times is right, was flushed down the toilet on a test that’s essentially worthless.

Not to mention all the wasted hours and inconvenience suffered.

The massive fraud perpetrated on the American people – who were led to believe that PCR testing represents the “gold standard” for detecting COVID-19 infections – must be one of the biggest scams in history.

Apart from the squandered money, think of all the anxiety suffered by the over 7 million Americans who got back a positive result. Yet, even according to the Times, most of them – and maybe even the vast majority – likely had only traces of the virus too minute and harmless to classify as an infection.

Philadelphia’s Temple University just canceled all in-person classes for every single one of its 40,000 students for at least two weeks because 103 of them tested positive for COVID-19. The Times report appears to show that all that uproar and disruption – which has been breaking out incessantly all across America for months now – had no justification.

Last week I reported that the enormous “second wave” of COVID-19 infections America supposedly suffered in July never really happened. That steep rise in the daily number of positive tests we heard so much about was caused by a massive increase in the number of people being tested every day that we didn’t.

The Times report, however, makes the increase in absolute case numbers itself garbage. According to the experts they consulted, procedures universally applied caused 90% of the positive diagnoses in one randomly selected set of tests to be bogus.

So you’d think the New York Times would be trumpeting their findings as an earth-shattering piece of investigative reporting and maybe even dusting off a place on the shelf for a Pulitzer Prize.

But this is another area where the Times exhibits a strange reluctance to run with the implications of their own report.

That eye-popping stat that “up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus” isn’t even featured in the headline. Instead, the Times went with one that couldn’t possibly have downplayed their astonishing discovery more:

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

Moreover, not once does the Times even mention all the money and time wasted or the havoc unleashed because Americans were encouraged to falsely believe that a test they’re now reporting is complete garbage was “the gold standard.” …