Pedophiles Now Control America – No Child is Safe from Medical Kidnapping

We’ve been sounding the alarm and warning the public for years now, but few have listened. This didn’t just happen overnight.

There is a war going on in America over your children that has been raging for many years. We put a name to it in 2014, and called it “Medical Kidnapping,” and then started a website called

The purpose of this website was to give families a voice, to tell the world about how they had their children kidnapped from them by State government officials, working hand in hand with doctors.

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of cases all across this country happening every year.

The system that allows this to happen is the child social services system, which is a multi-billion dollar child trafficking system run by the U.S. Government and every State, which includes Foster Care and Adoption services.

If you are not familiar with this government-sponsored child trafficking business, see our previous coverage:

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The “authorities” who determine that a child should be kidnapped from their families due to medical reasons, today are primarily “Child Abuse Pediatricians,” whose sole job is to find “medical child abuse.”

If not enough parents were abusing their children, they would have no job. So they MUST find child abuse to fund their vocation.

Most of these doctors don’t even interview the child or parents, or family pediatrician, but just look at x-rays and other “evidence” to determine that a child was abused.

We have written many articles exposing this depraved profession that preys on children and innocent families, and have even published an eBook covering the history of this group of physicians. See:

Are New Pediatric “Child Abuse Specialists” Causing an Increase in Medical Kidnappings?

This article and more is in the eBook sold at Healthy Traditions, which for a brief time is being offered to the public for FREE (usually $10.00).

Today, here in 2020, the COVID Plandemic is greatly increasing medical kidnapping, as all it takes now to remove a child from their home is a positive COVID test, either with the children, or the parents, to justify taking that child out of the home and putting them into the child trafficking system.

This Fall, when the planned “Second Wave” is going to hit, massive amounts of children are going to be medically kidnapped, probably at a pace we have never seen before. See:

Coronavirus “Second Wave” – They’re Coming for Your Kids

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