Cynthia McKinney Covers All the Bases with Donald Rumsfeld

An oldie but goodie.   CM for president!

I wonder which 9/11 war game this was part of:

Apparently we’re supposed to believe the pentagon isn’t armed with its own weapon batteries:

… I have heard that, as of 9/11, the anti-aircraft batteries were automated, in other words, that they would have automatically fired against any incoming aircraft that did not transmit the appropriate friend or foe signal. Is that true?

AG: Yes that is true. They are either to attempt to guide the incoming aircraft that has violated the airspace to a safe location to land. Making reasonable effort to guide it down. Or shoot it down….

All in a days work:

Anyway, all this is ancient history.   What’s important now is to believe whatever we’re told, don’t do our own research, mask up, shelter in place and wait for our authority figures to save us from their next invention.

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