Confess to COVID: Just Short of Witch Burning

Despite the lamentations and orders from Geneva or the local capitals of Capital, I refuse to believe that COVID-19 or the putative pathogens are a principal challenge to humanity– except for those using these viruses for policing and/ or culling the population.

Instead I find we are in a situation not unlike that which led to the notorious Non-Aggression Pact concluded between the German Empire under NSDAP rule and the USSR. It is completely understandable that China and Russia want to avoid open war with the Anglo-American Empire. However we in the West must be honest about the criminals that rule us. Just as they did a century ago—and in fact throughout the 20th century– they are preparing a war that will “neutralise” millions on the planet. I leave it to the imagination as to the substance of this euphemism.

So much noise is being made about a vaccine. This is noise but not meaningless noise.

There was a Covid “vaccine” on the shelf before the pathogen was released. By that I do not mean that there was a “cure” or a prophylactic. That would be to mistake the true nature of the “vaccine”. As I wrote in an earlier article what we have is the introduction of a new religious regime.[1] Instead of the “sin” and “heresy”, terms long abandoned by all except the most primitive Christian sects, we have “infection” and “denial of the disease/ resistance to the so-called health measures”.

It is entirely unimportant whether a vaccine does anything at all. The only important quality is that it be distinctive enough so that standard issue chemists/ physicians recognize it as a product they are willing to distribute. This has been assured by the years of indoctrination of the medical profession to obey its masters in the pharma/ chemicals cartel.

The important– and lethal, in social terms– power of the vaccine is that it takes the place of auricular confession and indulgences, for centuries the stock and trade of Christianity. Here it is irrelevant whether one is Catholic and uses a confessional or Protestant and testifies to the congregation. Beginning with the AIDS campaign, the forces — led in the field by Fauci, the CDC and NIH– for viral warfare discovered that they could create and manipulate social stigmatism by associating it with alleged health hazards (somehow this was never used against DuPont or Monsanto…) They were able to create a microcosm of moral terror against homosexuals based on “health risk”, rather than old time religion.

This same strategy was modified and has been rolled out worldwide. Hence the greatest policing forces for vaccination (what James Corbett et al. call “medical martial law”[2]) are not the uniformed services but the private sector and most of all, your neighbour. This is ultimately a religious restructuring of the society based on ancient methods– not so ironically promoted by a man who spent his entire education under the control of Jesuits.[3]

Just as no one can see if god actually granted absolution (or even cared about the alleged sins committed) no one can see– except the clergy– if you are really a sinner and whether you have been saved by absolution through the needle (or patch). But failure to prove that you have been in the confessional or have obtained either absolution or an indulgence will be sufficient to risk being outlawed or in historical Catholic terms, excommunicated. In the Middle Ages, excommunication meant one was denied the right to property, life or anything. Food, shelter, and protection could be denied. One could be robbed or killed with impunity.

Most recently decrees have been promulgated that children must wear masks in school. While it is impossible to deny that COVID has virtually no effect on children, they have been defined as health risks to the adult population. These little creatures although not ill are all potential transmitters of the dreaded pathogens. Yet the real reason for designating children from ages 6 to 11, as “carriers” is nothing more than an alibi for a practice the Church understood centuries ago. Successful indoctrination has to begin before the age of seven. Even the alternative pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner, popular in Germany, is based on “seven-year” cycles. The ideological foundations have to be laid by age seven and boosted by age 14.

Most of the West believes that the paramountcy of “science” meant an abandonment of religion and superstition. The adoption of science as an ideology had little to do with replacing either.[4] Although the entire campaign against the pseudo-pandemic was initiated and is managed from the US—with the WHO as cut-out[5]—very little attention is paid to the way fundamental power transformations have been made in the most religious country in the world– the USA. Even sober analysts are distracted by such circuses as the POTUS election cycle. These circuses are symptoms mistaken for causes.

Because there is a widespread and mistaken belief that “science” prevails over religion as a basis of knowledge, the religious use of science and the exercise of clerical power are not recognized, let alone discussed.[6] Children were taught by the Church to denounce their parents to the Inquisition. The culture of denunciation was always a central part of Church power and we see it reintroduced today in broad daylight with barely a bark.

Along with the “vaccine race” there is also the so-called coviPass scenario.[7] Each vassal regime is to issue a certificate of vaccination/ immunisation. It sounds like the WHO vaccination book travellers take when they leave Europe or North America for the “jungle”. According to this scenario normal life, e.g. leaving one’s residential cell, travel, employment in conventional workplaces, and use of public facilities (although most of these have meanwhile been privatised) will be granted to those who submit to the vaccine(s) and surveillance.

However there is no more normal life for the permanently unemployed, the bankrupt, and the homeless, in short all those whom this action has ruined or will ruin economically.

Hence only people who have a “normal life” will be able to return. The rest will have lost it. Hence whatever life they may be permitted to have, if any, will be subject to prescription by the viral inquisition, dependent on favour or chance….