Better brain health

Chocolate reduces stress. Fish stimulates the brain. Is there any truth to such popular beliefs? The findings of researchers around the world say yes: It appears we really are what we eat.

A study in a British prison found that inmates who took vitamin supplements were less prone to violent behavior. And in Germany, a psychologist at the University of Lübeck has shown that social behavior is influenced by the ingredients consumed at breakfast. But what really happens in the brain when we opt for honey instead of jam, and fish rather than sausage? Scientists around the world are trying to find out.

Neuro-nutrition is the name of an interdisciplinary research field that investigates the impact of nutrition on brain health. Experiments on rats and flies offer new insight into the effects of our eating habits. When laboratory rats are fed a diet of junk food, the result is not just obesity. The menu also has a direct influence on their memory performance.

The role of the intestinal flora has been known for some time, but scientists are currently discovering other relationships. So-called “brain food” for example: The Mediterranean diet that’s based on vegetables and fish is said to provide the best nutrition for small grey cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, for example, protect the nerve cells and are indispensable for the development of the brain – because the brain is also what it eats!

If this topic interests you, you might enjoy this book: Food and Behavior by Barbara Reed Stitt; it was published in 1997 but it’s still the best I’ve found on the subject of foods and moods. Foods are drugs.

Let food be your medicine. ~ Hippocrates

2011: Wayne Madsen on Staged Shooting of US Judge, Congresswoman Connected to Fast & Furious

I was motivated to revisit this story after seeing PBS’s frontline psyop on the NRA which opened with a total distortion of the Giffords shooting and how it supposedly demonstrates the need for the unruly peasants to be disarmed so that their benevolent masters can better protect them from themselves.  How far PBS has fallen.

Wayne Madsen: Holder’s Fast & Furious was Designed to Destablize Mexican Government

Wayne Madsen has learned from his contacts within the Beltway intelligence community that Jared Lee Loughner is an “MK-ULTRA” programmed assassin and that US District Judge John Roll and Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords were targetted for assassination.

The reason for the decision to target Judge Roll and Congresswoman Giffords has to do with their knowledge of the malicious and purposeful arming of Mexican drug gangs along the US-Mexico border by US intelligence agency assets in an effort designed to destablize the Mexican government.

This towards the end of making Mexico more dependent on US military aid and protection from its private security contractors.

A key quote from Wayne Madsen’s report follows:

“WMR has been told that in 2009, information about the CIA/Homeland Security/Napolitano smuggling operation came to the attention of three individuals, two members of Congress and a federal judge. The three were Arizona Democratic Representatives Giffords, Republican Representative Mike Conaway from west Texas, and Judge Roll. Giffords and Roll were working together on investigating the extent of the clandestine weapons and druigs smuggling operation and held some joint meetings with informants, one in north Phoenix, in 2009.

Information on the investigation and informants was strictly limited to only a few trusted staffers and clerks for Giffords and Roll. In addition, Conaway was also being briefed by informants on the smuggling operation but since the death of Roll and the severe mental and physical incapacitation of Giffords from the shooting carried out by Jared Lee Loughner, said to be an MK-ULTRA-like trained assassin, he has gone silent in fear for his own safety.

Loughner’s was declared mentally incompetent and there are reports, including one in Slate Magazine, that the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, where Loughner is being held, pending a determination of his mental fitness to stand trial, is being administered psychotropic drugs in his Kool Aid.

In addition to receiving drugs to fund its off-the-books operations, the CIA weapons smuggling program is designed to arm the two main Mexican cartels — Sinaloa and Los Zetas — in order to destabilize Mexico.

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German capital BANS anti-lockdown protest, condemning ‘corona deniers & right-wing extremists’

Berlin authorities have banned the upcoming protest against Covid-19 lockdown measures, saying the marches were being misused as a stage for right-wing extremists and “deniers” of the pandemic.

Organizers of the August 29 “Assembly for Freedom” in central Berlin had registered 17,000 demonstrators. The local government says police will be out in force to prevent the gathering, because participants in the previous march “deliberately broke the rules” for wearing masks and social distancing.

“We are still in the middle of a pandemic with rising infection figures,” Berlin’s interior minister Andreas Geisel told reporters on Wednesday.

“This is not a decision against freedom of assembly, but a decision in favour of infection protection,” the minister said, adding that Berlin should not be “misused as a stage for corona deniers… and right-wing extremists.”…

Tucker Carlson: World Health Organization using COVID to push climatism

Not climate “change” you understand. The agenda is climate crisis, no matter what the climate actually does or why.  We have to destroy the world in order to save it, like our great leaders did to villages in Vietnam, families under the drug war, Syria under the WOT, american jobs under “free trade” and national survival under a scamdemic.   Such reversals are a hallmark of satanic thinking.

Gates already derived the necessity for zero carbon emissions in order to save the planet (they’ll put the trees on welfare) before magically predicting this new virus.  He also apparently predicted the catastrophic consequences of all the measures taken to (not) contain it, since the actual mortality statistics are insufficient to maintain the required state of  crisis.  The abrogation of centuries of enlightenment and political progress is also important to the decarbonization process.   They don’t miss a thing.

All the thinking has already been done for us.  All we have to do is die.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned that the World Health Organization (WHO) is linking coronavirus to “climate change.”

(Article  by Dorothy Cummings McLean republished from

On his top-rated talk show last night, Carlson stated that the sweeping social and economic changes that have inflicted the world since the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown will not end when a vaccine is developed.

“The World Health Organization says that finding the vaccine is not the goal,” he said.

“Reordering society is the goal. Quote, ‘We will not, we cannot go back to the way things were.’ That’s a direct quote from the leader of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros (Adhanom Ghebreyesus) who, by the way, is not really a doctor,” Carlson continued, referring to the fact that Tedros’ doctorate from the University of Nottingham is in public health.

“According to Tedros, COVID-19 is really about global warming,” said Carlson.

The director of the WHO has stated that “the COVID-19 pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change.”

Carlson noted that billionaire Bill Gates wrote something similar in an essay he posted earlier this month. In the essay, Gates regretted that the pandemic will lead to only an 8 percent reduction in carbon emissions this year.

“Consider what it’s taking to achieve this 8 percent reduction,” the influencer wrote.

“More than 600,000 people have died, and tens of millions are out of work. This April, car traffic was half what it was in April 2019. For months, air traffic virtually came to a halt,” he continued.

“What’s remarkable is not how much emissions will go down because of the pandemic, but how little.” …

DOJ asks for COVID-19 data from Gov. Whitmer in response to nursing homes

The Justice Department requested coronavirus data from the governors of states which issued orders which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home patients.

Michigan is one of the states the DOJ is asking for information from.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan all required nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients to their vulnerable populations, without adequate testing according to the Department of Justice.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the following statement:

“Protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of our seniors and most vulnerable residents has been a top priority throughout this crisis. The fact that this letter was sent during the middle of the Republican National Convention week to four Democratic governors should make it crystal clear that this is nothing more than election year politics by an administration that is more concerned with the president’s re-election campaign than protecting Michigan seniors. We will review this letter and respond as appropriate, however, Americans would all be better served if the Trump administration stopped the partisan games and focused on delivering a real plan to defeat COVID-19.”

“Protecting the rights of some of society’s most vulnerable members, including elderly nursing home residents, is one of our country’s most important obligations,” said Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband. “We must ensure they are adequately cared for with dignity and respect and not unnecessarily put at risk.”

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division is evaluating whether to initiate investigations under the federal “Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act” (CRIPA), this protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes, among others….