Over 700 Medical and Scientific Experts Slam FCC For Ignoring Environmental & Health Risks of 5G

In a letter submitted to the Federal Communications (FCC) on August 5th, more than 700 medical professionals and scientific experts from across the country have called for the agency to stop its incipient approval of commercial use of high spectrum bands for 5G communication until independent scientists have been consulted about the wide array of potential effects such action may have on humans, wildlife and the environment.

“Humans interfere with nature at our peril, and the agency’s apparent disregard for the potential impacts of dramatically expanding the use of these high-frequency bands on our natural world is deeply disturbing,” the letter states. “We urge the Commission, in the strongest possible terms, to proactively seek the guidance of scientific experts who can enlighten agency officials regarding the possible and probable consequences of its proposed actions.”

The experts cite independent scientific studies showing that high frequency radiofrequency transmissions can interfere with the navigational ability of insects, birds and other animals that use earth’s magnetic fields for orientation, as well as other studies showing that certain frequencies can also cause biological and physiological harm to honey bees. Some studies have linked increasing exposure to radiofrequency radiation with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

“Every day, scientists are learning more about how wireless radiation can adversely impact our natural world,” says Zoe Berg, Project Manager for non-profit Americans for Responsible Technology, which helped coordinate signatories for the letter. “So it’s disheartening, and more than a little frightening, that the FCC is either unaware of such research or just unconcerned about it. American taxpayers deserve an FCC that prioritizes public health and the protection of the environment over the desires of private companies.”

The professional signatories were joined by more than 1,700 additional citizens calling for the FCC to delay action on Docket No. 20-133. A copy of the letter can be found here.


COVID-1984 From A Two-week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison

Unfortunately, COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two-week lockdown to ‘flatten the curve.’

Six months later, we are still in lockdown and now mandatory vaccination policies are being rolled out in addition to severe penalties for violating mandates which include life in prison!

We have seen cases where people have been forcibly removed from their home by the police, in front of their families, and have been forced into quarantine.

All of this in response to a virus with a 99+% survival rate, which multiple world-renowned experts believe originated in a laboratory funded by the US government.

Watch the full video report for free and decide for yourself.

Virginia Health Commissioner says he’ll mandate a COVID-19 vaccine

Nashville city councilwoman recommends attempted murder charges for some not wearing face masks

Greece announces up to life in prison for violating coronavirus quarantine rules

Police Raid Man’s Home, Forcibly Quarantine for Refusing COVID-19 Test

Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled

Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’

NIH Cancels Funding for Bat Coronavirus Research Project

Athletes at World Military Games may have brought coronavirus to Europe

U.S. Federal Reserve to Collaborate with MIT in Development of CBDC (Digital Dollar)

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There is a third kind of prison involved here, other than the mind-prison many people are still struggling to escape, and the lockdown which sometimes carries a heavy price to escape: being imprisoned in a permanently diseased or dying body due to vaccine reaction.   There is no escape from that prison.

Gates and Big Tech “Reimagine” Post-Human Education: The “New Normal” is A.I. Data-Mining for “Social Credit” and Automated Child Abuse

In 1982, Special Advisor to the Department of Education’s Office of Research and Improvement, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, blew the whistle on Project BEST (Better Education Skills through Technology). A sub-project of President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Initiative, Project BEST was a plan to corporatize the American education system through public-private partnerships with Big Tech companies which replace human teachers with Skinnerian “teaching machines” programmed with psychological conditioning algorithms that train students for workforce placement in a planned economy.

Now, almost fifty years later, the next phase of Project BEST is being rammed through under the duress of COVID-19 lockdown, which has forced the entire US education system to shut down brick-and-mortar classrooms with human teachers in order to convert to virtual schools that deliver online instruction through “adaptive learning” software (the modern digitalized version of the “Skinner box” teaching computers engineered for Project BEST) and “socio-emotional learning (SEL)” biofeedback wearables (devices that data-mine students’ “stimulus-response” biometrics to implement Skinnerian operant-conditioning).

While teachers and students are held virtual hostage during COVID lockdown, “Disaster Capitalists” are using the “Shock Doctrine” of “Creative Destruction” to exploit the crisis by deregulating the new federal rules for “Distance Learning and Innovation” (85 FR 18638), which relax the oversight requirements for “adaptive learning” systems of “artificial intelligence,” such as Knewton and Clever, which are both funded by Bilderberger Peter Thiel: the speech writer for former US Secretary of Education Bill Bennet, who was in charge of Project BEST. At the same time, emergency COVID funds are being dished out by the current Secretary of Ed, Betsy DeVos, as the Department of Ed is paying out federal CARES Act aid to finance school districts in their efforts to “upgrade” their “technology infrastructure” with adaptive-learning AI and SEL data-mining that can be facilitated through virtual charter-schooling corporations, such as K12 Inc., which was set up by Bennett and funded by DeVos.

Fueled by this windfall of CARES stimulus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on May 5th his emergency COVID plans to “Build Back Better” through a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Bilderberger Eric Schmidt, who is “Technical Advisor” of Alphabet Inc., which is Google’s parent company. This partnership between the State of New York, the Technical Advisor of Google’s parent company, and the Gates Foundation is called “Reimagine Education”: the same subtitle that Secretary DeVos has given to a special CARES competition called “Reimagine Workforce Preparation.”

After much public backlash following Cuomo’s announcement to “Reimagine Education,” the corporate media has published no further reports detailing any specifics of this public-private educational partnership between New York, the Gates Foundation, and Alphabet’s CEO. But a review of the Gates Foundation’s educational grants over the months during COVID lockdown indicate that New York’s “Reimagine” partnership will “Build Back Better” by implementing Big Data platforms that aggregate adaptive-learning algorithms and SEL biometrics from the entire student body in order to track such cognitive-behavioral and socioemotional data for the purposes of prescribing students into workforce job castes through virtual “career pathways” curriculums regimented by a technocratically planned economy.

Reimagine “Surveillance Capitalism” with InnovateEDU and Google Classroom

Looking into grantees in the Gates Foundation’s “Grants” database, it appears that Gates contracts with the New York non-profit InnovateEDU, which partners with Google, are a key pillar of the Reimagine Education revolution being pushed by Gates, Cuomo, and Schmidt. In the months of April and May during COVID lockdown, the Gates Foundation paid out two grants to the New York-based InnovateEDU, which has recently developed a “Data Extraction Tool for Google Classroom During COVID-19.” By aggregating all student and teacher data collected through “Google Classroom Connector,” InnovateEDU’s “Data Extraction Tool” links up with Google’s “BigQuery” in order to centralize and streamline data-mining of student-learning metrics, including cognitive-behavioral and socio-emotional algorithms, which can track students into career-pathways programmed to fill job quotas in a planned economy….