Comcast ISP Bans GOP FL Frontrunner Fundraising Messages

In case you hadn’t noticed, none of this net censorship has anything to do with liberal vs conservative or human rights vs fascism or racism or whatever. It has to do with constructing a fake liberal identity for the fabian-fascist party (the democrats) and censoring all other voices.

Notice how Tulsi Gabbard has disappeared from all political coverage?

At least the GOP candidates tend to be for self governance (given that “corporations are people” of course!) . The agenda behind the DNC is global government under an AI control grid. The stuff of nightmares.

Corbett: Don’t Do Your Own Research!!!

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Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions. But guess what? The establishment doesn’t want you to think for yourself, and now that the Corona World Order is beginning the Great Reset, they are coming out and saying as much. Find out the details in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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CNN Covers for Elite Pedophiles, Says “Don’t Read Podesta Emails”

Vitamin D, Magnesium and B12 Significantly Improve COVID Outcomes


  • StopCOVIDCold is now LIVE and ready for you to find out your COVID-19 risk and help spread the word about vitamin D
  • Researchers with the Singapore General Hospital and Duke-NUS Medical School set out to determine if a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 would improve outcomes among COVID-19 patients aged 50 and older
  • Seventeen of the patients received oral vitamin D3 (1,000 IU), magnesium (150 milligrams (mg)) and vitamin B12 (500 mcg) — together known as DMB — upon admission for a median of five days while 26 patients who did not receive DMB served as the control group
  • Significant benefits were seen among the DMB group, with only 17.6% requiring initiation of oxygen therapy during their hospitalization, compared to 61.5% of those in the control group
  • Vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 may present a unique three-pronged approach for tackling COVID-19 by modulating the hyper-inflammation often seen in the disease

You know I have been passionate about how useful optimal levels of vitamin D can be in lowering your COVID-19 risk. For the last few months I have been working on a campaign that I really need your help on. The new site is StopCOVIDCold and you can reach it by clicking the button below.

New Campaign to Spread the Word About Vitamin D


Once you are on the site, there is a quiz you can take that will help you determine your risk for getting COVID-19 by answering a few questions that will only take you a few minutes. There is also an opportunity to upload a Facebook frame to your Facebook profile picture to help spread the word.

The media has failed miserably in educating the public on how to improve their immune system and has instead relied on the false hope of drugs, vaccines, social distancing and masks, all of which do nothing to improve your immune system.

We need your help in sharing this information with the elderly, and Blacks, who are most at risk of vitamin D deficiency….

High level corruption: A simple question & a simple answer

Newly awakening peasants tend to be incredulous that so many rich and powerful people could be involved in the child trafficking, rape, torture and murder which is alleged by so many survivors of such abuse. What could induce them to risk everything, their families, their fame and fortune in pursuit of such depravity, especially when they’re at the top of their game? Kissinger? Hastert? Clinton? Seems unlikely.

This question has the reality backwards. These celebrities and power players aren’t percolating up at random from main street based on hard work and luck before being corrupted. They attain their positions because they are already corrupt and hungry and thus controllable (and skimmable) via bribes and blackmail. Otherwise the insiders would never allow them a seat at the table. Talent is not required.

Look at the sorry state of “pop” music and cinema. Does this really represent the best these fields have to offer? No, there are far better musicians and actors around who languish in obscurity.

Obviously the same applies to journalism. People get hired by the MSM based on their willingness to lie.

Sorry if I’m being too obvious here. I’m still a recovering boy scout.

Election 2020: Demonic National Committee War-games Coup, with Secession and Threat of Economic Collapse to Control Pentagon

… A top Times editor, Steve Duenes, said The Times was considering alternatives to the single, predictive needle [fake polls?] that offered readers false confidence in 2016, and is looking at a “range of tools.”

But what the moment calls for, most of all, is patience. And good luck with that.

Nobody I talked to had any real idea how cable talkers or Twitter take-mongers would fill hours, days and, possibly, weeks of counting or how to apply a sober, careful lens to the wild allegations — rigged voting machines, mysterious buses of outsiders turning up at poll sites — that surface every election night, only to dissolve in the light of day.

But conveniently, a group of former top government officials called the Transition Integrity Project actually gamed four possible scenarios, including one that doesn’t look that different from 2016: a big popular win for Mr. Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat, presumably reached after weeks of counting the votes in Pennsylvania. For their war game, they cast John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in the role of Mr. Biden. They expected him, when the votes came in, to concede, just as Mrs. Clinton had.

But Mr. Podesta, playing Mr. Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede. Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College.

In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned. The House named Mr. Biden president; the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump. At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.

The “newspaper of record” can never admit to their own record of fraud and deception.  Ever fending off the unwashed conspiracy-aware savages from entry into polite conversation.

What would the military do as foreign investors take a hint and begin heading for the exits as the left coast secedes and mounts a blockade of food and pacific shipping into the rest of the country?     It would certainly pressure the pentagon into cooperating with the coup (and of course it would have to be a coup if biden is presented as the winner) to avoid total economic collapse.

This sounds a lot like blackmail.   Because it is.   And in the long run there would be little benefit in cooperating, it would only delay the shock doctrine which their controllers still plan to impose.  These people have a playbook.

The military brass would do well to review soviet, german and chinese history as well as their own oath to their people, their country and their constitution, which is certainly more weighty and reliable than the frat-boy secret pledges the satanists take with crossed fingers behind their backs.    Betrayal is their business model, but crime only pays as long as honest people are asleep.    And there’s no stopping this awakening.

It seems to me the only sensible thing is to ensure an open and fair election, support the winner and arrest the traitors if they attempt to operationalize their “game.”

Note pedosta is still roaming the streets with impunity.   Some criminals are just too evil to jail.   But there are other options.

A little context:

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Success: 83% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent

The state of the New York City restaurant industry is in dire straits. July proved to be another disastrous month for restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments across the city with a majority unable to pay rent in July, a new survey found.

NYC Hospitality Alliance surveyed about 500 owners and operators of eateries in the city, with 83% of respondents indicating they couldn’t pay the entire rent in July while 37% paid no rent at all.


“Restaurants and nightlife venues are essential to the economic and social fabric of our city, but they are struggling to survive and absent immediate and sweeping relief so many will be forced to close permanently,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of The Alliance.

“While complying with the necessary pause, our industry has been uniquely and financially devasted. Small businesses urgently need solutions from government leaders at the city, state, and federal level, inclusive of extending the moratorium on evictions, extending the suspension of personal liability guarantees in leases, pausing commercial rent taxes, providing landlords with needed support, and infusing small businesses with enough cash to weather the storm,” Rigie said.

To make matters worse, 71% of owners and operators said landlords “would not waive portions of rent due to COVID-19.” About 61% said, landlords “would not defer rent payments,” while 90% of landlords “would not formally renegotiate leases.”…

If they’re making mortgage payments to banks, the landlords are in the same straits as everyone else.   But there’s a very easy fix for most of this insanity: forgive the principals on bank loans.   The banks only destroy the principal as the loans are paid off anyway.   They would still get to keep the interest on the loans, which comprises their income.   So what’s the problem?

The problem is that if money is allowed to circulate on main street instead of being destroyed and re-created by the banks on demand, the economic rebound that it would catalyze on main street would mean the peasants wouldn’t  have to take out as many bank loans.   Fewer loans means less interest payments and fewer foreclosures and seizures.   We could even have a runaway economic boom.   Who wants that?   Much more useful to have homeless families on the street, from a social engineering perspective.

Every “QE” dollar which trickles down from the TBTF banks to the peasants and then vanishes down the drain means a corresponding transfer of real wealth from the peasant treadmill upward to the money magicians.   A continual siphoning of wealth from main street to wall street.  What self respecting satanist would want to shut down that gravy train?   Except now the peasantry is nearly exhausted and the dollar is teetering on the brink, but no worries,  china is there to take up the torch and keep our overlords situated in the opulence to which they’ve grown accustomed.