Weird stuff everyone needs to be aware of so we can drain the swamp

Another fascinating Linda Paris video.


This compilation helps explain why things are the way they are… and why we need to get clear on what is going on – and has been going on for thousands of years. It has been said,

“It’s not that you’re stupid;
you just fall for tricks easily…”
Well, not so easily. They are experts in fakery, hypnotism, secrecy, manipulation, etc – and they intentionally neglect to tell us the rules of their games.

For the most part, we humans are trusting, innocent, goodhearted people who just want to have a nice family, a nice life, be happy and healthy… and we got stuck with this mess??? I guess that’s why we’re here – to help drain the swamp.

Reptilians? Alligators? Crocodiles? We were warned not to hang out with snakes by the Adam and Eve story. There are probably many, many clues that we just thought were fairy tales. Maybe we can correct our error once we understand.

See Kerth Barker’s book, RV-UFO-NWO – Remote Viewing, Ufology & the Alien New World Order.

“Back the Blue Rally” – Antifa foiled by Fort Collins citizen action

What happens when out-of-town Antifa people show up uninvited at a Fort Collins rally to support the police? The Antifa crowd was walked back out of town. They tried to bait the the citizens and they attacked someone in a wheelchair, but they were, in the end, kindly yet firmly escorted out of town by the citizens and police of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Who are these “Antifa” people?

Oak Brook, IL Council Unanimously Approves Resolutions Restoring Local Control Over 5G Deployment

In 2019, telecom executives gave U.S. congressional testimony that they have NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. This is one of many reasons why American opposition to 5G continues to increase. In fact, cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation as well as issue moratoriums (see 1234567891011, 121314). Oak Brook, IL is now one of them.
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Overlords Prepare Military and Public for “Democratic Succession”

It’s a done deal, don’t resist or you’ll be democratized too.
This country is at the edge of catastrophe and it’s not because of Trump.   The agenda is global fascist government under a green mask and he’s the biggest obstacle to it.   Of course fascism is baked into the culture already, but it’s marketed as nationalism.   Imagine if there was no need for such PR.    None of this would be possible without our “free press.”

If the nazis gain overt control of the pentagon, the whole world is screwed.

Reiterating: Fake Polls Show Which Media Are Establishment Propaganda Outlets