35-Year-Old Florida Roofer Struck by Lightning Listed as Coronavirus Fatality

This article makes the point that there are big buck$ to be made from a Covid diagnosis…

A 35-year-old male who was struck by lightning on May 28 and died from serious spinal cord and brain injuries on June 9 was listed as a Dade County death from Coronavirus…

When the decedent was taken to Orange Park Medical Center he was found to have spinal fractures with spinal transection, a skull base fracture and pulmonary contusions.

He was then transferred to UF Health Shands Hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19…

How accurate are CV tests? From https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/coronavirus-tanzania-test-kits-suspicion-goat-pawpaw-positive-a9501291.html

Covid-19 test kits in Tanzania have raised suspicion after samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw fruit came back with positive results, as the president said there were “technical errors”.

Read more at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/35-year-old-florida-roofer-struck-lightning-listed-coronavirus-fatality/

General Michael Flynn’s Letter to America

He addresses the issue from a Christian perspective, but you don’t have to get spiritual to see that what’s happening is a natural progression to a new emergent self organization based on the metabolic medium of money.  In such an organism, preservation and enhancement of human life is no longer the prime objective, even from the perspective of lip service.  Everything will be justified in the name of the “greater good”.  An egalitarian slavery to an invisible aristocracy.  Everyone will lose, even the aristocrats.

This is the paradox of the “free market”.  It’s not free from its own intrinsic dynamics, regardless of who rules the roost.  Yet the proposed alternative is worse, a trojan horse created by the same aristocracy in fact.  The creator has a sense of humor.

From The Western Journal, August 5, 2020:

We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries.

The biblical nature of good versus evil cannot be discounted as we examine what is happening on the streets of America.

It’s Marxism in the form of antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement versus our very capable and very underappreciated law enforcement professionals, the vast majority of whom are fighting to provide us safe and secure homes, streets and communities.

When the destiny of the United States is at stake, and it is, the very future of the entire world is threatened.

As Christians, shouldn’t we act? We recognize that divine Providence is the ultimate judge of our destiny. Achieving our destiny as a freedom-loving nation, Providence compels us to do our part in our communities.

It encourages us in this battle against the forces of evil to face our fears head-on. No enemy on earth is stronger than the united forces of God-fearing, freedom-loving people.

We can no longer pretend that these dark forces are going to go away by mere prayer alone. Prayers matter, but action is required.

This action is needed at the local, state and federal levels. Action is also required in the economic, media, clerical and ecclesiastical realms.

Decide how you can act within your abilities. Stand up and state your beliefs. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. And face, head-on, those community “leaders” who are willing to allow dark forces to go beyond peaceful protests and destroy and violate your safety and security.

Churches and houses of worship must return to normal. We invite everyone of goodwill to not shirk their responsibilities and instead act in a fraternal fashion. If for no other reason or with no other ability, act in a spirit of charity.

We cannot disrespect or disregard natural law along with our own religious liberties and freedoms.

I am witnessing elderly people lose their connection to all that is good in their lives: connections to their faith, their families and their individual freedoms, especially the simple act of attending church, something they’ve been doing for decades.

Let us not be intimidated or fear those who cry out that we are in the minority; we are not.

Good is always more powerful and will prevail over evil.

However, evil will succeed for a time when good people are divided from each other and their personal lives — children away from their teachers, preachers from their congregations, customers from their local businesses.

America will never give in to evil. Americans work together to solve problems.

We do not and should not ever allow anarchy and the evil forces behind it to operate on any street in our nation.

No one should have to fear for their very life because some dark, disturbed force is challenged by the very essence of what America stands for.

We are “one nation under God” and it is our individual liberties that make us strong, not liberties given to our government. Our government has no liberty unless and until “we the people” say so.

God bless America and let’s stand by everything that was and is good in our lives, in our communities and in our country.

Otherwise, America as the true North Star for humanity will cease to exist as we know it.

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Iceman Tapes: Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman

Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump’s Fox News Interview

You don’t have to be a “conservative” (whatever that means) to wonder at this. When the president of the USA states an epidemiological fact and gets censored by the media, we’re in never-never land.  There’s politics and there’s objective science.

Any establishment which lies about such issues is inherently genocidal.   But we already knew that given what the “free press” has been hiding about US foreign policy for decades: the nazis still rule, as they did when they installed hitler.

Facebook and Twitter censored a video clip of President Donald Trump’s recent interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends over alleged coronavirus “misinformation.”

Facebook said it removed the video of the interview because President Trump claimed that children have heightened immunity to coronavirus.

The Trump campaign stands by this claim, but Facebook disagrees, and used it as an excuse to prevent American citizens using the platform from hearing what their president has to say.

This is despite repeated assurances from Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the platform will not censor politicians….


Vax Zealots Try to Put Their Message in A Bottle

My mother was a nurse in London in the 1960s, where respiratory illness was prevalent amid the industrial pollution of the day. The hospital wards would be filled with patients in tents, meticulously maintained and cleaned to avoid infection by the regimented and strict battalions of nurses. Woe betide anyone who stood up the matrons of the day. Those fearsome custodians of good practice were there to enforce rules that saved lives — or so they believed. However, that trusting medical orthodoxy of the time did not dare question the wisdom of placing patients under plastic bags, with the result that many would have died of asphyxiation, as witnessed by my mother. Noticeably absent was also an outcry and public exposure of this widespread malpractice. At some point, someone realized that the tents were killing people, and they came down quietly and suddenly, never to be mentioned again.

When we talk about modern medicine, we are actually referring to a medical industrial complex that relies on pharmaceutical and machined-based interventions, which are funded either through taxpayers or private insurance schemes. The scientific orthodoxies adhered to, of course, emanate from medical schools. But who funds the medical schools and what are their agendas?

For those of us who have been paid to investigate and question public narratives, the issue of vaccine efficacy and its widespread implementation is open to question. How many of the doctors who prescribe these “inoculations” actually go through the empirical data and fully read the published reports?

It would be unwise to assume that the media would have exposed any malpractice or sinister agendas in the medical field by now. The last expose that I recall from a newspaper that I worked for happened under an editor called Harold Evans at the Sunday Times in London — who brought to light the thalidomide scandal in 1972, where pregnant women in 46 countries took the tranquilizer pill that was said to have no side-effects, but which caused 8,000 babies to be born with terrible deformities.

The emerging Covid-19 schematic throws up several anomalies and discussion points: is the testing accurate? Is there an agenda to destabilize societies and institute more draconian social controls? is the US election cycle a factor in a larger plan to create chaos and unemployment to discredit the sitting US President? Why is there such blatant and blanket censure of opinions that challenge or question the official narratives? Why would social media giants risk their very existence by employing algorithmic AI bias to deplatform dissenters or deep thinkers?

Social media is peppered with smartphone footage of empty hospital wards and listless nurses and doctors. More hospital staff are coming forward each day to describe both the empty beds and in some cases the suspect protocols being administered to patients who are admitted with Covid-19 symptoms — or not, as the cases may be. In the UK, homes and gardens are regaled with rainbow backed slogans saying “Thank you NHS!” in a homage to the nationalized healthcare system that was established after the second world war. It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the British health system commands a cult status among many people. The impulse to “get behind the NHS” is perhaps derived from the war-time spirit of “pulling together to defeat the common enemy” — at that time the Nazis, who had their own collective notions around social welfare and health.

Even a cursory glance at the characters who formed the inner core of Germany’s Third Reich administration under Adolf Hitler reveals eccentric, angry and ego-driven maniacs who managed to institute rapid and dramatic social change and industrial rectification. This esoteric and ambitious cabal oversaw a cadre of brilliant military officers, architects and administrators who were put to work under the umbrella of National Socialism. The propaganda and medical ministries were integral to that program and had the full weight of the Nazi machine behind them. We all know that the Nazis were the “bad guys”, because Hollywood keeps telling us so; but how many ambitious careerists out there secretly admire what was achieved under that brief social movement? And how many of their kin were integrated into America’s post-war military industrial complex? If there is any truth in claims around “Operation Paperclip” — where 1,600 German scientists, engineers and technicians were taken to the US — then perhaps the same process applied to the industrial medical field, where eugenics and mass chemical dosing were cornerstones of the fascist world view.

If all this craziness disturbs you, then perhaps shift your perspective to one of a character in a play, where you have a part to play and, the opportunity, or silver lining, may be that you are forced to go inward, to find the core of your being, where the truth that resides in your heart supersedes the more vapid musings of the ego. And once you do reconnect with that more authentic self you are better able to gauge and operate in a world of mixed messages and illusions.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft-founder-turned-philanthropist, has faced controversy in the so-called developing world after instituting mass polio vaccination programs that reportedly caused paralysis among some Indian children. As Big Pharma outlets rush to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, Gates has stated that you will need “multiple doses” for it to be effective. I will not spend exhaustive amounts of time on the scientific merits or fallacies and contradictions surrounding vaccine claims, which are covered in other articles here.

As perplexing as the rationale might be for the roll-out of mass medications that contain ingredients you wouldn’t put individually on your body, never mind in it, are the legislative responses from mayors and other community leaders around the world. A night-time curfew just introduced in Victoria, Australia, by premiere Dan Andrews seems to create a linkage to the virus’s reported origin among bats. Is he suggesting that the bats might have travelled to his state and are stalking the streets by night? As of this week, Melbourne is in lockdown, based on a death rate of 200 people over five months.

This is as much a battle for hearts and minds as it is for physical health or freedom. Amid the mixed messages and fearmongering by politicians and the media come enigmatic and potentially loaded remarks by US President Donald Trump. In a tweet dated July 21, Trump referred to the “invisible China Virus”. In the recent past he has mentioned the Spanish Flu being in “1917”, while discussing the current pandemic. The so-called Spanish Flu ravaged the world in 1918, and yet he posits it being from the previous year. When both remarks are considered, could he be using subtext to point to Marxist uprisings of then and now; where disease, or the fear of it, is used as a method of control?

If the reports by physicians around the world about hydroxychloroquine are to be believed, then a safe, fast and inexpensive treatment is already available.

As I write this article in my favorite cafe, a long line of people are waiting to order lunch. Almost everyone is wearing some kind of facial covering — some have surgical masks; others with trendy patterned materials; one man has what resembles a diaper; while another has a black mask over his chin but not his nose. Laurel and Hardy would not look out of place in this tragi-comic story.

I spent years trying to pluck up the courage to join female Japanese tourists with their Burberry facial attire while traveling on dusty subways, but never broke through the social stigma of being a man in a suit with a dust mask on. Taking to a bike as a commuter in congested cities finally provided the justification for facial particulate filters and eyewear. Now, as a rurally based pedestrian, I am the one shunning them, but still drawing the angry glances. The amount of irony in life must surely alert us to a scriptwriter up somewhere above the firmament.

The comedic, or sadistic, suggestion by a senior US health official this week that people should also wear goggles only adds to the sense of incredulity and absurdity of this whole campaign. Someone somewhere is taking pleasure in manipulating the “useless eaters”, to paraphrase Henry Kissinger, and making them do things that are humiliating and illogical.

All this over a virus that has a 98.6 percent recovery rate. …..


Antibiotics Disrupt Development of the ‘Social Brain’ in Mice

Summary: Early-life exposure to antibiotics may impact brain signaling pathways associated with social behavior and pain regulation. Young mice treated with antibiotics had reduced expression of receptors that mediate endorphin, oxytocin, and vasopressin signaling in the frontal cortex.

Source: University of Oxford

Antibiotic treatment in early life seems to impede brain signalling pathways that function in social behaviour and pain regulation in mice, a new study by Dr Katerina Johnson and Dr Philip Burnet has found. It was published today in BMC Neuroscience.

Katerina Johnson, from the University’s Departments of Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology, was researching the effects of disrupting the microbiome on the brain in mice. ‘We know from previous research that animals missing microbes, such as germ-free animals (which are devoid of microbes) or antibiotic-treated animals (whose microbes are severely depleted), have impaired social behaviour,’ she explains. ‘I was therefore particularly interested in the effects of the microbiome on endorphin, oxytocin and vasopressin signalling since these neuropeptides play an important role in social and emotional behaviour.’

The most striking finding was in young animals treated with antibiotics. This resulted in reduced expression of the receptors which mediate endorphin, oxytocin and vasopressin signalling in the frontal cortex. Dr Johnson commented, ‘If these signalling pathways are less active, this may help explain the behavioural deficits seen in antibiotic-treated animals. Whilst this study was in animals given a potent antibiotic cocktail, this finding highlights the potential detrimental effects that antibiotic exposure may have on the brain when it’s still developing.’

Dr Burnet added, ‘Our research underlines the growing consensus that disturbing the microbiome during development can have significant impacts on physiology, including the brain.’…


Military Internment Camps in USA

Well what did you expect?   Did you think our invisible overlords wouldn’t plan for the the consequences of their multi-decade campaign of exporting our industries and doing the “fed’s” pump and dump routine?    These people are very thorough.   And it’s not like the USA is the first country they’ve overthrown and enslaved.   They are professionals, and they have access to more currency than mere mortals could comprehend.



Political activists would be pacified to sympathize with the government

Thursday, May 3, 2012

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A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online.

The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.”

The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.” The document also makes reference to identifying detainees using their “social security number.”

Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be “indoctrinated,” with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies.

The re-education process is the responsibility of the “Psychological Operations Officer,” whose job it is to design “PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations,” according to the document….


Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

Backside of the Dollar: Bringing the War Home

Study: Coronavirus restrictions killing 10,000 children per month and ‘wasting’ and ‘stunting’ millions more

A new study shows that coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns are leading to the deaths 10,000 children per month and stunting the growth of millions more.

“It’s been seven months since the first COVID-19 cases were reported, and it is increasingly clear that the repercussions of the pandemic are causing more harm to children than the disease itself,” UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said. “Household poverty and food insecurity rates have increased.”

The study, conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and published in the Lancet medical journal, said that hunger stemming from coronavirus restrictions is causing the deaths of 10,000 children per month and stunting the growth of another 550,000 per month.

“By having schools closed, by having primary healthcare services disrupted, by having nutritional programs dysfunctional, we are also creating harm,” Victor Aguayo, the head of UNICEF’s nutrition program, said.

The disruption of food chains has caused prices to rise, making it difficult for many regions that already had difficulty acquiring food before the pandemic even more difficult, and Dr. Francesco Branca of the World Health Organization said the disruption will be evident for years to come.

“The food security effects of the COVID crisis are going to reflect many years from now,” Branca said. “There is going to be a societal effect.”…