Wearing Masks – A Sledgehammer to Health

They did it this time. A group of men and women executed a well thought out plan to drive the health of the human race into the toilet. Attacking the very basics of life, they have deprived people, en mass, of the life/health-giving rays of the sun (depressing vitamin D levels) with their lock-downs. And through wearing masks, public health officials are forcing the public into hypoxic breathing conditions. Wearing a mask reduces the oxygen we breathe in and increases the CO2 intake…

What will be the effect of depriving oxygen to billions of people for years? How happy will that make people? Or inhaling dangerous amounts of CO2, what is that going to do to people’s health after several years or even after only a few weeks or months?…

Under the mask, O2 readings drop from a regular 21 to an unhealthy 17.5, ringing the alarm of the official OSHA devices that measure such things.

The usual amount of CO2 in the air is approximately 400 ppm, when measured around the nose of mouth would be higher. But wear a mask and concentrations shoot up to 5,000. This is not healthy! Carbon dioxide in the air we breathe usually is at 0.0390 percent. When we breathe out, it is 4.0 percent. It is not the concentration we want to be breathing in.

The minimum oxygen concentration in the air required for human breathing is 19.5 percent. Approximately 78 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen gas, while only about 20.9 percent is oxygen. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, determined the optimal range of oxygen in the air for humans runs between 19.5 and 23.5 percent.

Not Enough Oxygen: Side Effects

Serious side effects can occur if the oxygen levels drop outside the safe zone.

When oxygen concentrations drop from 19.5 to 16 percent, and you engage in physical activity, your cells fail to receive the oxygen needed to function correctly. So wearing masks is not indicated for any reason because masks represent slow suffocation.  Not quite as bad as strangling a person or killing them outright by completely cutting off their breath, but across the board, health will be depressed, and death from all causes will increase.

Healthy People Have Little Problem with Viruses

Viruses of all types will get out of control in people who are vitamin D and oxygen-deficient and who are breathing back in their CO2. Add vitamin D deficiency to the mix, and we have a non-virus health crisis in the making. Its clear, no death from the coronavirus at vitamin D blood concentrations above 34 ng/mlLight is essential; it is the backbone of life and can be used as a potent medicine against COVID-19. So keeping people indoors would never be the answer for any wise doctor…

The heads of the most prestigious medical journals in the world cannot trust the studies they publish, meaning the entire edifice of pharmaceutical medicine stands on quicksand.

The authorities have decided to pull the plug on life as we know it. The coronavirus by itself is not a problem for the majority, but the governmental and medical response to it will hurt everyone. Lock-downs and the wearing of masks will take a sledgehammer to human health…


Health officials are pulling a fast one on the human race and are getting away with it. They have taken over the world, taken away our freedoms, and are almost cheering as infection rates go up, and salivating waiting for the increase in deaths that are supposed to follow.

Health officials were not prepared medically speaking (no idea how to treat this or other viruses), and complicit in the creation of the virus. When the body count from starvation, increased suicides, and deaths from critical patients, who stay at home out of fear of going to the hospitals, we have one thing. But when we deprive humans of sunlight and oxygen while exposing them to dangerous levels of CO2, we might find ourselves witnessing eventual genocide.

By Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

  • Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
  • Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
  • Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

See the entire article at https://drsircus.com/general/wearing-masks-a-sledgehammer-to-health/

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