Tracking Vaccination Status by Phone is Now Active

You may soon be living in a world where your personal health data—including results from COVID-19 testing and data proving whether or not you’ve received certain vaccines—must be shared and authenticated before you’re able to enter a sports arena, travel by air or even enter your workplace.

The technology behind such innovations, which many are calling a threat to civil liberties and privacy, is already available to the general public in the App Store and Google Play via Civic Technologies’ Civic Wallet. Civic Technologies, which bills itself as a “leading innovator in digital identity solutions,”1 released its “Civic Wallet” app June 16, 2020. Previously it was only available in private beta mode.

In addition to offering a way for users to send and receive digital currency, including bitcoin, ethereum, CVC and USDC, which are U.S. dollars converted to assets on the ethereum blockchain,2 Civic Wallet will also offer proof-of-health verifications via its so-called Health Key.

This, according to a news release, “will offer the ability to provide secure and regulation-compliant health checks for employers,”3 which means your employer may one day require you to prove you’re COVID negative and/or vaccinated in order to hold a job and earn a living….

Is it really necessary to point out that there is no rational basis for forcing anyone to be vaccinated against anything?   Either a vaccine is safe and effective or it’s not.   A or B.   Those who believe A can take the sacrament.   Those who believe B can avoid it without endangering the other group.   People with compromised immune systems, such as vaccine-caused cancer patients undergoing medical ritual abuse can be quarantined.   “Herd immunity” will be achieved whether through potentially dangerous vaccines or potentially dangerous infections.   The only difference is profits.

It’s a slippery slope when law is based on an inability to reason, especially when the law contributes to future reason impairment, either through neurological damage or better-funded corporate propaganda and regulatory infiltration.

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