Pharmacist: “They’re SCARED TO PRESCRIBE IT”

Only 1 minute 39 seconds


I asked the pharmacist (P) if they were filling HCQ:
P: Your dr has to prescribe it
Me: Oh so they are doing it (prescribing)
P: I think so, you just have to have a diagnosis code
Me: From the dr?
P: uh huh
Me: That’s good. Is it expensive or?
P: It depends on your insurance
Me: It does? It’s not astronomical is it?
(ignore other pharmacist in background)
P: Um no-30 tablets is like $77
Me: W/O insurance?
P: uh huh
Me: That’s kind of high. Some states aren’t prescribing it right? Or maybe it’s some dr’s?
(yes I realize I sound like Valley Girl-It’s become painfully obvious since I began recording🤦‍♀️)
P: I don’t know. Ppl (dr’s) probably aren’t prescribing it bc like you know..
Me: Cuz they’re stupid
P: Ya exactly
Me: It’s been taking care of malaria for how long?
P: Ya exactly so that’s probably why they’re SCARED TO PRESCRIBE IT
Me: bc it’s political
P: Ya exactly
Me: Are a lot of ppl coming here that are saying they’re COVID positive?
P: um there have been ppl who’ve said that ya & then there’s ppl who don’t tell us. Some ppl are just (rolls eyes/we smile knowing smile at each other)
Me: Do you guys test for that?
P: Not at this location but some *** ya
I whisper/mouth: It’s overhyped. She laughs, nods yes

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