Kenya: Fundraiser for Permaculture for Sustainable Communities

From a friend and fellow intactivist on FB:

The people of Mumias, Nairobi, Kenya, will benefit from your donations.

Funds will be used for seeds & tools for Permaculture projects, and eventually when enough is raised, for water storage tanks. Funds will also go to Covid-19 relief via hand sanitizer and other health and protection related products. Death rates are high in Kenya right now, so they want to stay healthy and safe.

These communities have already had a very hard time becoming food and water resilient. They need to walk very far to get clean water, and carry it back. The trail is dangerous and sometimes the kids get attacked or worse on their walk to fetch water. Now with the Covid-19 situation, things are worse. Just for going into town to get supplies, many Kenyans will be violently attacked by police with the excuse of enforcing Covid-19 regulations.

By helping these communities to become fully food and water resilient, they will not need to put themselves into danger by going into town, and they will be able to live and thrive from their own land.

Via direct donations, we have already raised $1,700+. Donating via gofundme makes it easier to keep track of, and helps us pitch to NGOs and bigger donors.

Thank you everyone who has already supported, and thank you everyone who is going to support! We are one human family and it’s a critical time for us to care for those in need.

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