It’s not an exaggeration to compare methods of new ‘woke movement’ to Mao’s Red Guards

Of course he has blinders on re: class and racial divisions, but those divisions are being exploited in order to facilitate bankster-controlled “liberal” totalitarianism.    The green new deal is a  trojan horse to dismantle the middle class under the guise of fake environmentalism.

Today we are no longer living in a free society. Instead, we are ruled by those who try to enforce their extreme views by shaming and ruining those who think differently.

It is not far-fetched to compare the methods of this ‘woke movement’ to those of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards, who terrorised the Chinese people half a century ago.

The so-called ‘cancel culture’ – publicly shaming and trying to undermine the professional standing of anyone who deviates from ever-more extreme standards of political correctness – is simply the latest expression of this intolerant, baying movement.

Such behaviour was once confined to virtue-signalling celebrities. However, it has now insidiously taken hold in most of our national institutions.

From universities, the Church, big business, schools, broadcast media, the police, local authorities, publishing houses and even in some newspapers, woke ideology is now being actively promoted.

This is a terrifying development.

Anyone who departs from the new orthodoxy is deemed evil and beyond redemption.

By ganging up together on social media, activists are on a mission to get such people sacked from their jobs and silenced forever.

Historically, the far-Left tried to shut down debate. But today’s woke crusaders go much further.

Consider what’s happening in higher education. In the early Seventies, when I took up my first academic job at the University of Essex, it was seen as being pretty Left-wing.

Practically every branch of the radical Left was active on campus. From students out of comprehensives handing out Communist Party of Great Britain pamphlets through to ostentatiously scruffy ex-public school Trotskyites and anarchists, the entire spectrum was represented….

As a young lecturer, I was able to take a detached attitude because neither I, nor anyone else I knew, was threatened. Back then, what we witnessed was the small world of quarrelling radical sects. No one ever spoke of getting anyone ‘cancelled’.

'It is not far-fetched to compare the methods of this ‘woke movement’ to those of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards, who terrorised the Chinese people half a century ago,' says John Gray. Pictured: Red Guards reading Mao's Little Red Book in Beijing, 1966

The same was true when I moved on to teach at Oxford University and then at the London School of Economics. True, most academics in both institutions were Left-wing but there were also crusty old Tories, old-fashioned liberals and many who did not bother about politics at all. There was no rigid orthodoxy in whose shadow teachers and students cowered and quaked.

Today, our universities are bastions of Left-wing, woke orthodoxy. Any dissenting voices – however mild in their beliefs – have to be silenced. And a growing number of schools are now joining universities in propagating this ideology.

‘Critical race theory’ – a sub-Marxist ideology in which ‘white privilege’ is invoked to explain all kinds of injustice – is increasingly being taught as part of ‘decolonising the curriculum’.

Indeed, no subject is immune from this re-education campaign in our schools and universities.

Academics at Birmingham City University have proposed that Mozart be eliminated from music teaching and replaced by the rapper Stormzy. Eton College has announced it will change the teaching of history, geography, religion, politics and English, along with school assemblies and societies, in order to ensure that ‘decolonisation’ is enforced across the board….

Follow the money: the same ubergarch interests which funded the rise of mao, as well as hitler and lenin, are now funding blm and antifa.    And it’s not because they have a sudden concern for human rights and racial equality.   This is a long-term campaign to impose depopulation and global fascism at the top with an orwellian socialist mask for the masses.   They intend to bring their “3rd world development” model to the USA, which is why they need to wreck what remains of a once wildly successful constitutional system.  If they are successful, political activists will be the first to be eliminated, and not in a gentle way.   See nazi germany.   This is not hyperbole.   The historical record is clear.

Obviously we sorely need banking reform.   Any activist who doesn’t understand the problem with debt based money and fractional reserve banking will wind up being a tool.   Statues don’t matter, they are a diversion.  The future matters.   Ending the flood of wealth flowing to the transnational luciferian aristocracy and their industrial-scale child-meat grinder matters.

If we can’t find a way to work together to pass monetary reform ( ) as a constitutional amendment, we are doomed.  Nothing is more important.   Everything else is a distraction.   Literally.  Let that sink in.   If you don’t make it your primary goal, you might as well mask up, go home and stay there until they come for you.

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