Is your neighbor mind controlled?

The invisible empire isn’t entirely controlled via blackmail, bribery and murder.     Inside the cult itself, mind control is routinely used on insiders and employees, and of course children, including their own children.    But what about the wider operation?   Most people rely largely on MSM hearsay to construct their view of the world, so to some extent many peasants are “mind controlled.”   But I’m talking about direct physical/chemical manipulation or actual dissociation, amnesia and programming of alters.   How quick, cheap and easy is it  with modern techniques?   Is it more efficient than sexual blackmail?  How does the trauma of medically-induced miscarriage (induction) and imprinted sexual torture (circumcision) facilitate it, given the trauma-trance connection?   Are some people resistant to it?   Are there prevention strategies?

Unfortunately these are not  academic questions, given that vast invisible pools of wealth are under the control of the worst imaginable psychopaths, acting in concert via secret societies and their class affiliations.   The payoff for wholesale targeted brainwashing operations would be enormous, and in perfect keeping with this virtualized system of paper wealth and manufactured belief systems.    It would go a long way toward explaining the behavior of the “authorities” in recent years, especially wrt this staged scamdemic.

How would you know if your neighbor was altered?   Or your whole neighborhood?   Or you yourself?   Aside from classical symptoms like missing time or strange bruises, one would have to resort to probabilistic reasoning, mostly involving the cost vs the payoff for controlling a particular individual in carrying out his/her official  duties or in acting as an assassin, for instance.   The higher the position, the more likely the targeting.  The lower the cost, the larger the eligible pool of puppets.

Trauma and chronic stress make people suggestible, so to some extent the psychological infrastructure is already there via circumcision, obstetrical abuse, fluoride-induced melatonin/sleep deprivation, video and auditory entertainment/entrainment and inflammation from toxic food, drugs and vaccines.   More recently EMF smog has been added to the mix.   The trend is distinctly toward mass unconsciousness.    In other words, the satanic ritual abuse angle is only the most extreme aspect of the phenomenon.

In this context, what is really in control, what are its emergent objectives and what does it mean to be human?

… But there was one other thing that bothered Ralph, and that was the mystery of the locked door in his house. Ralph’s inherited home was larger than what he actually needed. There were a number of rooms for which he had absolutely no use. The problem was that one of these rooms was locked, and Ralph couldn’t find the key. Whenever Ralph made up his mind to look for the key, he would become distracted and forget about what he was looking for. So he never quite got around to opening the door to that room. Both Ralph and his part-time housekeeper simply accepted the idea that the door to that room was not to be opened. But sometimes when Ralph would walk down the hallway past that door, he would feel goosebumps raise up on his spine.

Ralph told me that during these years after the death of his father he was living a life of “comfortable existential angst” in which his needs were well met, but he felt he had no purpose in life.

This insipid pattern to his life would suddenly end one day when a distant relative arrived unexpectedly at his home. He hadn’t seen her since childhood, but he had fond memories of her. So when she asked to stay for a few days, he happily agreed. At first they just talked about their happy childhood memories. But then she begin to ask certain pointed questions about his life. It seemed to Ralph that she knew something about him that she wasn’t telling. These incisive questions and her presence began to disturb him. Finally she asked a question that really upset him.

“Do you have a door in your home that you never open and for which you have no key?”

When Ralph admitted to this fact, his relative wanted to see it. When he took her to this door of mystery, she instantly produced lock-picking tools, and surprisingly she seemed to know how to use them. She unlocked it quickly without even asking permission. With trembling anticipation, he opened the door. What he found inside the room shattered Ralph’s world.

The room contained a small arsenal of weapons. Also, in it was clothing, in styles he never wore, all of which fit him. The room had a collection of cell phones and other electronic gadgets. It had wigs, with different hair colors, all of which fit Ralph. It also had a safe. Ralph didn’t know the safe’s combination, but his relative quickly produced some electronic tools that allowed her to open it as well. In it they found false IDs with Ralph’s picture, passports under different names and currency in different denominations. …

— excerpted from “Overcoming Monarch Mind Control” by Kerth Barker  ( )

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