Harley Schlanger: The Puppeteers of the Global Crisis

“Indian reservations”?  Oh well, I know how hard it is to keep up with your mouth when you’re on air …

Harley Schlanger rejoins the program to discuss the ongoing global economic destruction we are seeing play out all over the globe. We discuss history, how we got here, who the players are, and their final goals. He explains that the City of London’s strings are behind most of the chaos and how China, Russia, Israel, Japan and the United States all play into their overall world domination goals. This interview discusses the big picture and helps to clear up confusion created by the increased level of disinformation campaigns geared towards average citizens. Disinformation is enacted to keep people confused and unprepared to protect themselves or to fight back against the real enemies. We are in a very serious situation and are approaching their end game. It’s time for everyone to understand what is going on and to prepare to act in your best interest and to align yourself with others fighting for the same cause. You can see more of Harley’s great research and information at https://Harley.LaRouchePAC.com

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