Covid, Gates and “Hesitancy”: CNN Continues Propping Up the Fakery

These people don’t know how to take no for an answer.   And the word is not “hesitancy”, it’s “refusal”.    They think like bloodthirsty  tyrants and that’s how they will act if given a chance.    To them, everyone else, including children, are expendable in their pursuit of power and glory.

If you saw cooper and gates torturing a kid in an alley and they offered you money (taxpayer money, btw) to walk away, what would you do?   Would you suffer a bout of “hesitancy”?   Heck, it happens all the time in obstetrical wards to male children, and more covertly in satanic temples in mansions around the country.   Satanic ritual abuse has already been normalized in this society.    No wonder we’re in such trouble.

Bill Gates and Anderson Cooper navigate through a cringe fest of stutters and pauses as they talk about Jeffery Epstein, COVID-19 origins, conspiracy theories and vaccine hesitancy.

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