Driver crashes car after passing out from wearing N95 mask

A New Jersey driver crashed head-on into a pole — after passing out from wearing an N95 mask for hours, police said Friday.

Lincoln Park police believe that the driver, who was not named, lost consciousness while behind the wheel Thursday from lack of oxygen and breathing in excessive carbon dioxide thanks to the mask. The department wrote on Facebook:

“The LPPD responded to a lone occupant single car motor vehicle crash yesterday. The crash is believed to have resulted from the driver wearing an N95 mask for several hours and subsequently passing out behind the wheel due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake. We also know that nothing was uncovered at the accident scene that would suggest that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

Why Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19

Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.

Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle.

The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.

Review of the Medical Literature
Here are key anchor points to the extensive scientific literature that establishes that wearing surgical masks and respirators (e.g., “N95”) does not reduce the risk of contracting a verified illness:
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General Knowledge Podcast S2E19 – Guest James Corbett: Bill Gates and Social Engineering

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 19 of the podcast!

Andy joins me today with our special guest James Corbett from the

James is gracious enough to spare us an hour of his time to discuss his brilliant new 4 part documentary series: Who is Bill Gates?

We take a deep dive into the Gates grip on world health, his us of philanthropy as a tool of social engineering, we attempt to  understand the man himself and analyse his motivations.

Why did he step down from the board of Microsoft amidst the pandemic? Was COVID-19 used as a tool to implement the Gates brand of population control?

James answers some of our followers questions to get his opinions on: Will Gates achieve his plans for depopulation? What James thinks the world will be like in 2030, and should people take their savings out of banks in anticipation of the deep recession/depression that’s looming?

We also discuss the recent decision to reestablish the lockdown rules in the Australia state of Victoria and how the State has decided to incentivise people to get tested so they can begin fudging the numbers to make the plandemic look worse than it is.

We also touch on the result of the Australian Bushfires being connected to smart city initiatives and a planned high speed rail network.

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