Alex Jones on the Covid Hoax Agenda

Sound crazy?  How crazy is it that our industrial infrastructure was shipped abroad?  That the CIA imports illegal drugs wholesale?  That schools have forgotten how to teach kids?  That 9/11 couldn’t have been pulled off without high-level government involvement?  That the “fed” orchestrated the current financial catastrophe?  And that the self-adulating “free press” which ignores all this refuses to pay attention to the transparently bogus covid stats and guidance coming out the CDC?

This is not mass incompetence.    It is disaster capitalism.  This country has a huge bullseye on its back.

Fear is a tool of oppressors.   Don’t be an accomplice to your own enslavement.

Pharmacist: “They’re SCARED TO PRESCRIBE IT”

Only 1 minute 39 seconds


I asked the pharmacist (P) if they were filling HCQ:
P: Your dr has to prescribe it
Me: Oh so they are doing it (prescribing)
P: I think so, you just have to have a diagnosis code
Me: From the dr?
P: uh huh
Me: That’s good. Is it expensive or?
P: It depends on your insurance
Me: It does? It’s not astronomical is it?
(ignore other pharmacist in background)
P: Um no-30 tablets is like $77
Me: W/O insurance?
P: uh huh
Me: That’s kind of high. Some states aren’t prescribing it right? Or maybe it’s some dr’s?
(yes I realize I sound like Valley Girl-It’s become painfully obvious since I began recording🤦‍♀️)
P: I don’t know. Ppl (dr’s) probably aren’t prescribing it bc like you know..
Me: Cuz they’re stupid
P: Ya exactly
Me: It’s been taking care of malaria for how long?
P: Ya exactly so that’s probably why they’re SCARED TO PRESCRIBE IT
Me: bc it’s political
P: Ya exactly
Me: Are a lot of ppl coming here that are saying they’re COVID positive?
P: um there have been ppl who’ve said that ya & then there’s ppl who don’t tell us. Some ppl are just (rolls eyes/we smile knowing smile at each other)
Me: Do you guys test for that?
P: Not at this location but some *** ya
I whisper/mouth: It’s overhyped. She laughs, nods yes