Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And For What Purpose?

With obama’s invasion and utter destruction of the country with the highest standard of living in Africa (Libya) under cover of the UN’s “responsibility to protect” doctrine http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/04/hilarys-success-story-in-libya-slave-auctions/ , the stage has been set for a similar intervention in this country under the banner of BLM. Don’t think it can’t happen here. This country is low hanging fruit.

Black Lives Matter has been dominating the headlines for weeks and there has been a lot of speculation regarding the funding of this organization with many fingers quick to point at George Soros.

So the million dollar question is … Did George Soros fund Black Lives Matter? Yes, he absolutely did and we share the details in this report.

But George Soros is not the only source of funding for Black Lives Matter. In fact, Soros and his funding is just another spoke in the wheel of a massive, well-financed and politically motivated campaign with the desired goal of transforming the world by destroying the current system of control in order to roll out a new system of control.

This certainly seems like a recurring theme right now, as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the central banks and governments around the world are preparing for the ‘Great Reset’ and a global paradigm shift.

So let examine who exactly is funding Black Lives Matter and why?

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