Medical Destabilization of Native American Families Targets Infant Attachment Psychology Under Covid Pretext

Most american medical births are subjected to this kind of emotional vandalism to one degree or another, but it’s telling how targeted this particular scandal is.  It implies that the problem is not one of ignorance, but deliberate, organized malevolence.   We are all being targeted.

By now it is no secret that COVID-19 is being used to justify profiteeringpower grabs, and the incremental decimation of our right to privacy. It is also serving to perpetuate age-old practices of oppression against Native peoples and other minority groups in the United States, as evidenced by a secret policy enacted by a neonatal women’s hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which deliberately singled out First Nation mothers and separated them from their newborn infants as a “preventative measure” against the spread of the disease.

State-level investigators referred findings related to the allegations first published in a joint investigative report by Pro Publica and New Mexico In Depth, which revealed that Lovelace Women’s Hospital conducted special screenings for pregnant women who met the unique criteria of the underhanded policy. Women who appeared to be Native American or lived in a particular zip code were subjected to an “additional step” in the process that normally would only include temperature checks and questions about whether they had been in contact with an infected person.

Clinicians at the only medical institution in New Mexico dedicated to women’s health would compare the zip codes of expectant mothers with Indian Reservation zip codes and place matches on the informally-named “Pueblos list”, designating them as persons “under investigation”. So labeled women would then be administered COVID-19 tests, resulting in the separation of babies from their mothers for up to three days.

One clinician, who remained anonymous, decried the practice as racial profiling, stating that the hospital seems “to be specifically picking out patients from Native communities as at-risk whether or not there are outbreaks at their specific pueblo or reservation.” The clinician’s claims are supported by data that shows that ten of the zip codes on the aforementioned list do not have a high rate of infection.

Hospital spokesman Whitney Marquez asserted that the practice was delineated in CDC guidelines. But no mention of geographical criteria for infection prevention and control at healthcare facilities can be found in official CDC guidelines. Additionally, the hospital’s claims that the practice of identifying asymptomatic COVID-19 test candidates based on zip codes was consistent with the CDC guidelines for identifying “hot spots” falls flat, since these are determined by county and not zip code. Furthermore, of the 22 zip codes on the “Pueblos list,” very few are located in areas deemed to be a hot spot and several that do fall within those county borders are not included in the list….

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