Fauci: Americans “Don’t Believe Science And They Don’t Believe Authority”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the polarising director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, slammed everyday Americans for refusing to go along with ‘authority’ on medical matters, and accused people of ‘amazing denial’ when it comes to ‘truth’.

Speaking on a podcast called Learning Curve, produced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Fauci charged that “unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are — for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable — they just don’t believe science and they don’t believe authority.”

“So when they see someone up in the White House, which has an air of authority to it, who’s talking about science, that there are some people who just don’t believe that — and that’s unfortunate because, you know, science is truth,” Fauci asserted.

“It’s amazing sometimes the denial there is, it’s the same thing that gets people who are anti-vaxxers, who don’t want people to get vaccinated, even though the data clearly indicate the safety of vaccines,” Fauci proclaimed, adding “That’s really a problem.”

Perhaps the real reason Americans don’t trust Fauci is that he’s consistently flip flopped and contradicted himself on ‘the truth’ for months.

The man also exudes authoritarianism, and clearly has a problem with anyone who questions his superiority.

Fauci also has a long history of being the front man for a network of powerful Big Pharma and Big Medicine interests, pushing vaccines and medicines in a clear conflict of interest.


“Believe me, you can believe me.”   This is the kind of tautological argumentation that even the most gullible people often have trouble with.    I’m sure it will make more sense once everyone is neurologically injured by vaccines.   In the meantime anyone with half a brain and a willngness to do research on the net can quickly discover he speaks for a different kind of science: tobacco science.   The man is corrupt to the core.

Fauci is the bureaucrat who has presided over the NIH during the trafficking of lethal pathogens (including the predecessor to COVID) from the USA to the wuhan lab, and during the most unprecedented degradation in children’s health in modern times.  He disses every cheap, safe and effective prevention and remedy for covid while the economy dies and vaccine research fraud runs rampant.   He still throws up his hands and claims to be clueless about the autism and autoimmune epidemics among children.

Fauci is an arch criminal, a mass child abuser, a walking-talking conflict of interest and a betrayer of the people.  And still he roams the streets with impunity while the likes of CNN parrot him.  (the turd never falls far from the butt)

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