Colombia: Commander Of The FARC-EP Calls For An End To The Fake War On Drugs

Ivan Marquez, along with other senior FARC-EP commanders, announcing the decision to return to armed struggle.The Commander of the FARC-EP Segunda Marquetalia, Ivan Marquez, has released a statement accusing the Trump regime of having a totally hypocritical stance against drug trafficking, and calling for an immediate end to the farce of the war on drugs

The statement includes a summary of some of the open secrets of Colombian politics, including the scandal relating to ‘Ñeñe Hernandez’, an associate of current president Ivan Duque who was assassinated erarlier this year in Brazil. Subsequent investigations reveled that he contributed substantial sums obtained from illicit sources to Duque’s presidential campaign. Duque’s denials of any knowledge were severely undermined by the disclosure of several photos of the two together socializing. And the many investigations into former president Alvaro Uribe for a variety of crimes and misconduct, from soliciting false testimony from witnesses to financing and organizing paramilitary groups.

The key points of the statement have been translated by South Front:

The largest lie factory in the world is the US White House. The ‘Cartel of the Suns’ (Cartel de los Soles) is just a brilliant name to deceive the unwary. It does not exist. What is its structure? Who are the members of this notorious cartel? It is simply a poisoned invention out of the powerful fake news and disinformation factory run by Washington to manipulate public opinion. The supposed involvement of FARC-EP peace negotiators Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich with this nebulous organization, which is also used to justify the unjust US aggression against Venezuela, must be questioned as an infamous fabrication. It recalls the injustice against Simón Trinidad. What evidence is there of a ‘Cartel of the Suns’?

The war on drugs is a failure and it is a fraud. Jesse Ventura, a former Minnesota governor, denounced a few years ago that the DEA and the CIA finance the destabilization of democratic and sovereign governments with money from drug trafficking.

And they do so because they deem it to be extremely unlikely that the Congress would approve resources destined for such a horrible as well as immoral and unpresentable cause. The agencies involved also know that they would never obtain the approval of the people of the United States for such dirty purposes. This explains why in the great northern nation there is no consistent persecution of the mafia for the distribution of cocaine, which is the real beneficiary of the exorbitant profits from the business.

The Washington government’s posture against drug trafficking is totally hypocritical. It is blind, or appears to be blind, when at the same time it utilizes such criminal behaviour to reinforce its ambitions of geostrategic domination….

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