Bill Gates Endgame: Contact Tracing

In the wake of the COVID-19 comet that burst onto the scene at the start of the year that lead to sheltering people in place, shuttering businesses, putting tens of millions out of work, and tyrannical rules, new behavioral controls were enacted in haste. Were those measures rolled out to ensure the health of people around the world? Or were they imposed with its real agenda hidden? Did the changes have long phases of development? Or were they contrived and implemented on the fly?

These questions, and many others, must be answered to understand the pandemic’s true nature and whether global health officials have humanity’s best interest when creating COVID19 policies.

Beyond the rules of wearing masks outdoors and maintaining social distance, we learned that while the RT-PCR test (reverse transcription polymerise chain reaction) is accurate in detecting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in blood, but not in identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The tests have been burdened with faulty results, leading to thousands of false-positive tests, including labs that gave fruits and goats from Tanzania infected results. We learned that some of the kits came contaminated with coronavirus strains. And we have learned that in some states, positive swabs and serology tests taken from the same person were counted 2 and 3 times, increasing the number of “positive” tests. Then, we also heard about the contamination at the CDC lab that delayed the rollout of the COVID-19 tests, as reported in the Washington Post.

There are reports that the CDC refused to purchase Germany’s diagnostic test kits which proved to be one of the first reliable means of detecting the virus. They were widely used with measurable success because Germany tested far more people than the United Kingdom and the United States from the outset. Some believed that the CDC wanted to capitalize on the opportunity, by patenting its own test kit in order to reap the profits. That would empower the CDC to become the central gatekeeper in the coronavirus battle for years to come. A Maryland law firm, Weltchek, Mallahan & Weltchek Attorneys at Law, exposed that the CDC owns more than 50 patents related to vaccines. So, that fits a pattern.

In the 1990s, CDC Director Robert R. Redfield tried to corner the AIDs vaccine market. He would have succeeded with the development of a dangerous vaccine except for the U.S. Air Force officer-turned-whistleblower who came forward to expose the data manipulation before the vaccine made it through the FDA’s Phase III trial. It should be no surprise that Redfield’s name is also linked as a co-inventor of five patents.

When Left-leaning magazine, The Atlantic outed the CDC and many blue states’ health officials for “conflating viral and antibody tests” at the end of May, public trust eroded in the health agency funded and designed over the decades to protect U.S. taxpayers from this type of event. Take the recent hospital raid by Brazilian parliament members who had received a report that the hospital had had 5,000 coronavirus cases and 200 deaths. The field trip, which was caught on video and shared widely on Twitter, showed the hospital didn’t have any coronavirus patients. Not a single one.

Truths like these magnify the cooked and manipulated data. They also point out multinational collusion and reveal the silhouette of a hidden agenda being propagated 24/7 by the pharma-bought media. The propaganda is done in sync with international governments and government health agencies under the cover of a complicit tech sector that censors debate and blocks all views that challenge the mainstream medical orthodoxy.

Contact Tracing’s True Design

Beyond the flat out lies about the data and number of deaths, there is contact tracing—the ultimate surveillance tool….

Thus, it is vital to see all those who are behind the curtain pulling the strings of contact tracing. Who are these nefarious groups and persons? They have familiar names: The CDC, the WHO, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Unitaid, Dr. Anthony Fauci/NIAID, and many others. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have also entered the fold. Then there are the startups with new downloadable apps, such as CoviPass, that will use Bluetooth to trace people. One such company, Partners in Health, has Chelsea Clinton on its Board.

At first glance, a board seat to Chelsea Clinton might not seem so out of the ordinary. That is, until one learns that a pair of tax investigating whistleblowers, Lawrence Doyle and former DEA supervisor John Moynihan, uncovered the Clinton Foundation funnels tens of millions of dollars into the Gates Foundation through multilayered health initiatives.

Doyle and Moynihan exposed a meeting of U.S. Congressional officials attending an Aspen Institute conference last August in Rwanda. That meeting was a host to a venerable Who’s Who of contact tracing. There were two representatives from the Gates Foundation and several executives from Partners in Health. There were also eight U.S. Congressmen in attendance including Bobby Rush (D-IL), the principle author of the HR-6666 $100 billion Trace Act that was introduced shortly after the end of the conference.

Doyle and Moynihan claim that HR-6666 was first concocted at that Rwanda conference and was designed to infiltrate the lives, homes, and families of American citizens.

When the Clinton Foundation and the Gates Foundation work together to promote vaccines are the only “solution” to the pandemic, one should pause. With the implementation of contact tracing as a mass surveillance and data collection tool, we should be deeply concerned.

We must question everything about this pandemic, from the new rules on masks and social distancing to the bogus tests and the invasive surveillance. We must wake up to the fact that the global elitists are setting us up to profit off enormously from the Plan-demic sham. They not only want to track your every move, but they also want to own and control every aspect of your life.

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