Refuse To Social Distance? New Study Says You May Be A Psychopath

Are you tired of social distancing? Tired of the lockdowns? Do you find yourself wishing things would just go back to normal like they were in 2019 when we were all just regular debt slaves to the central banks?

Well then you just might be a psychopath. That’s right, according to a brand new peer-reviewed study published on May 31st 2020 people who ignore the new normal protocols like social distancing display certain antagonistic personality traits.

Luckily, These traits have been identified and they are called the dark triad.

It appears we are fast approaching a time when opposing the establishment and questioning the government will be considered a mental disorder…


Adaptive and Dark Personality Traits in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Predicting Health-behavior Endorsement and the Appeal of Public-health Messages

Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic

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Video: The Battle for the Bank: Australia’s Struggle for Monetary Sovereignty

“The Battle for the Bank: Australia’s Struggle for Monetary Sovereignty” is much more than the simple saga of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Rather it is Australia’s hidden history, stories of betrayal and redemption, viewed through the lens of monetary policy whilst remaining as a reflection upon the often forgotten yet ever present struggle between colonial servitude and republican liberation.

Moreover it is an exposure of the inner workings of the banking system, shining a light on the structures of fractional reserve lending and credit creation whilst laying bare the agenda of the world’s central banks to merge together and establish a one world currency.

The entire film is available FREE to watch on Youtube. You can check it out here:

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A Mumps Outbreak among Fully Vaccinated People

On June 5, 2020, the U.S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published the details of a recent multistate outbreak of mumps in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). The outbreak involved 62 cases linked to a single asymptomatic wedding attendee. Even though mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease, 41 of the individuals infected in the reported incident had been fully vaccinated according to the current guidelines. What started as a mild illness in a caretaker of children in Nebraska grew into an epidemic involving communities in six different states. This raises concerns about waning immunity from childhood mumps immunization.

Of course similar outbreaks occur among recently vaccinated people, sometimes caused by the vaccine itself .   Thus another vaccine failure is used to promote more vaccination.  What’s wrong with vitamin D?

The Richest Family in America You’ve Never Heard of – Schiff

Ever heard the name “Schiff” before?

THE RICHEST FAMILY IN AMERICA YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF: (well okay, many internet friends probably have) This video is about the HOUSE OF SCHIFF, the family history, and how they attained their wealth. This is a short documentary and all claims are substantiated by legitimate sources such as books and articles, as well as direct quotes.

The US Strengthens its Military Foothold in Africa

Today, Africa has become a hot topic, nearing the top of this list not only in the United States, but in many European countries as well.

On the one hand, the recently heightened interest in this issue is due to the protests that have engulfed not only the United States, but also many European countries. The movement is demanding an end to racial crimes primarily against people from African countries, who have continuously been subjected to various forms of harassment since the colonial era. This is evidenced by numerous examples of racial abuse in the United States, Britain, and a number of European countries. This was also stated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, who stressed that the murder of African-American George Floyd became a symbol of systemic racism.

On the other hand, the continent of Africa continues to attract the attention of the United States and many other capitalist countries as a huge source of natural wealth and human resources. This is why attempts to manipulate the African region by external means, creating consistent ongoing Western-controlled chaos and numerous armed conflict.

Today, 1.2 billion people live on the continent of Africa, and the population will almost double in the next two decades. For this reason, Africa, where 30% of the world’s natural resources are concentrated, will remain an important source of human resources and natural wealth for the entire planet. Ergo, the continent continues to attract the attention of the United States and many other countries alike.

In the era of decolonization that took place in Africa with Moscow’s active participation, the USSR held a firm position in Africa since the middle of last century. Through its efforts, the economy of many African countries was reorganized, a significant number of industrial enterprises were built, as well as scientific and technical national personnel were trained. This allowed a number of African countries to develop economically, scientifically and technologically, and change the social structure of the continent’s population. Later China also joined this work.

However, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and a systematic weakening of Moscow’s policy on the African continent at the end of the last century, the United States began to take advantage of the situation unfolding there, quickly mobilizing the most extensive network of military and political presence in Africa. Their investments in the region have significantly exceeded those of China and Russia. Through all this, along with a massive military presence, Washington has moved to flaunt its ambitions on the continent. To this point, one of the key tasks of current US foreign policy and military strategies in Africa was to actively oppose Moscow and Beijing. In 2018, John Bolton, who was at that time the US President’s national security adviser, actively covered up this aggressive US policy in Africa with propaganda rhetoric: “the predatory practices pursued by China and Russia stunt economic growth in Africa; threaten the financial independence of African nations, inhibit opportunities for U.S. investment, interfere with U.S. military operations and pose a significant threat to U.S. national security interests.” At the same time, both Bolton and the other representatives of the current political elite in Washington blatantly avoided mentioning to the African and world community the fact that numerous factories, various enterprises, hydroelectric power plants, and educational institutions built by the USSR and China in the past century in African States are now successfully working in the interests of these African States. Washington is not too keen on advertising the unpopular for the United States fact that in November 2019 at the famed Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia wrote off African countries’ debts worth over $20 billion, something the United States has never done, instead exploiting  the continent to enrich America….

“Enrich america”  is a pretty broad stroke.   These elite predators are waging a war on the USA as well, although different strategies are operative here for the time being, partly due to their need to tap US economic production and military might to run their own conquest machinery.   Of course the USA makes a convenient scapegoat, but this has nothing to do with the US national interest.

Tulsa Rally realities

Wow! Now this is interesting. Makes one wonder if the guards were told to prevent people from attending the rally… or hired to do that. That they looked “smug” makes one wonder.

Jeannie and I had reserved tickets to attend the rally. Although somewhat chaotic with people driving by yelling obscenities at us as we walked, a mean mug or two and a fight or two breaking out around us, everything wasn’t actually that bad. However, finding a gate entrance was quite the task…nothing was clarified – and protesters were blocking entrances.

We finally found how to get in. At the exact moment we approached the first barrier (police tape) there were police lined up at the tape and at the opening we were greeted by the Secret service or contract military (not sure who they were) at 6:05 p.m. who told us, along with a multitude of others at our gate (there was three separate entrance gates at various locations) that we could not enter. We asked why? They said that the BOK had reached its capacity and the temperature checkers had left prematurely and acted pretty smug about it which I thought was strange.

Some who waited with us said they had friends on the inside who text and told them that there were still many empty seats available. So, we waited at the police tape entrance dumbfounded for 20 minutes until the police line started backing up and went through a 10-foot fence and chained and locked the gate. No other explanation. Further, no one was even allowed into the jumbotron area to watch it outside. We walked with a man on our way back to our car, who was on the inside but decided to leave, who also said that there were many more seats available. This is the absolute firsthand truth.

So, we drove home to watch what was left of the rally on tv to see many empty seats in the background and hear nothing but lies from reporters who reported that the Trump rally didn’t have the turnout that they expected inside and no one even turned out to rally outside to watch the jumbotron (which is exactly what a supporter waiting with us said the media would say).

Nothing but lies! We were lied to! They locked a multitude of us out! They even reported that Trump was surprised at the low turnout. If I can get a message to the President, I will tell him how they duped him at this rally and how he is getting played by those who surround him.”

h/t oklahope