Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

In this interview, Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins Spiro for a second time. The first time Dr. Kaufman joined Spiro, they talked about topics that, apparently, nobody is allowed to talk about … if you dare question the official story that is.

In the first interview the two discussed the coronavirus, they covered testing and they covered the vaccine. The video was quickly approaching 100k views but YouTube removed the video after only a couple days. This video will likely be taken down as well, because it does not conform to the establishment’s narrative.

Not only did YouTube remove the previous video, Reuters, which is a massive international news publication that news sites from all over the world obtain their talking points from, published a fact checking report attempting to debunk Dr. Kaufman’s claims that the new COVID-19 DNA vaccine would genetically modify humans. In this must-see report, Dr Kaufman responds to the Reuters ‘fact checking’ report.

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Social media usage linked to belief in coronavirus conspiracy theories

  • The research, carried out by Ipsos Mori for King’s College London, provides an insight into how some of the misconceptions about Covid-19 have gained traction as well as where they are sourced.
  • The study said 60% of those who believe the virus is linked to 5G radiation get their information from YouTube, compared with 14% of those who think this belief is false.
  • It also found that people who use social media to find information on the virus are more likely to have broken lockdown rules.

People using social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to find information about the coronavirus are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories about the disease, according to new research out of the U.K.

The study, carried out by Ipsos Mori for King’s College London and published Thursday, provides an insight into how some of the misconceptions around Covid-19 have gained traction as well as where they are sourced.

For example, 30% of Britons surveyed in late May thought that the coronavirus was likely created in a lab, up from 25% at the start of April, while 8% believed the symptoms most people blame on Covid-19 appear to be connected with 5G radiation. A smaller minority (7%) believe there is no hard evidence that the coronavirus exists. Each of these claims have been dismissed by scientists.

The study said 60% of those who believe the virus is linked to 5G radiation get their information from YouTube, compared with 14% of those who think this belief is false. Meanwhile, 56% of people who believe there’s no hard evidence Covid-19 exists use Facebook to source their information, nearly three times higher than the 20% who believe otherwise.

Bogus beliefs surrounding 5G in particular have led to real-world consequences. Dozens of telephone masts in Europe have been set alight while telecom engineers have been harassed on the streets by people claiming the technology is in some way linked with the disease. This has led to calls from authorities for social media firms to do more to counter misinformation about the pandemic.

One of the most commonly-held views is that 5G, the fifth generation of mobile internet, weakens people’s immune systems, making them prone to contagion. However, health fears about wireless networks are not new and scientists have slapped down the suggestion that 5G poses risks to human health….

Facebook and YouTube both say they remove certain types of misinformation about the coronavirus, such as fake treatments and suggestions that it’s linked to 5G technology. Both platforms also work with health authorities like the World Health Organization and Britain’s National Health Service to display accurate information about the virus.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We have removed hundreds of thousands of Covid-19-related misinformation that could lead to imminent harm including posts about false cures, claims that social distancing measures do not work, and that 5G causes coronavirus.”

A YouTube spokesperson said: “We’re committed to providing timely and helpful information about Covid-19 during this critical time, including raising authoritative content, reducing the spread of harmful misinformation and showing information panels, using WHO data and the NHS resources, to help combat misinformation,” a YouTube spokesperson said.


Translation: peer-to-peer information sharing (as opposed to top-down centrally controlled MSM dictation) is associated with divergence from MSM narratives.  Is this supposed to be a surprise?   Apparently to those who remain steadfast in their faith that “corporations are just people”, are oblivious to conflicts of interest between corporate advertisers and objective news reporting, and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t believe whatever they’re told by their TV sets.

One of the researchers is a “senior lecturer in social and cultural artificial intelligence”.  In other words, he doesn’t believe in the validity of what he lectures about.  I supposed it’s predictable that people of an authoritarian bent would be attracted to such fields in order to explore strategies for controlling the phenomenon, such as this research.     His idea of utopia is masses of socially isolated people taking orders from the authority box of the day.   CV must be a dream come true for him.

The nazis never lost WWII.  They were never based in germany.   Look around, they broadcast to you every day.

Here’s the level of establishment “science” associated with 5G.   They’ve adopted the standard medical approach to safety: ignore the issue.

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