RAY McGOVERN: US-Russia Ties, from Heyday to MayDay

Russian hopes dashed: Whatever hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin may have had for a more workable relationship with the Trump administration have been “trumpled,” so to speak.  This came through loudly and clearly in acerbic remarks by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in an interview Friday with The National Interest.

Ryabkov lamented the sad state of Russia-U.S. relations, while pointing, not very subtly, to China as Russia’s ace in the hole. He was simply acknowledging that what the Soviets used to call “the correlation of forces” has changed markedly, and strongly implied that the U.S. should draw the appropriate conclusions.

No amateur diplomat, Ryabkov used unusually sharp, almost certainly pre-authorized, words to drive home his message:

“We don’t believe the U.S. in its current shape is a counterpart that is reliable, so we have no confidence, no trust whatsoever.  So our own calculations and conclusions are less related to what America is doing … we cherish our close and friendly relations with China. We do regard this as a comprehensive strategic partnership in different areas, and we intend to develop it further.”

In other words: We Russians and Chinese will stand together as the U.S. tries to paint both of us as arch-villains, all the while isolating itself and painting itself into a corner.

Sic Transit Trust

Putin has come to accept that potent forces favoring high tension with Russia — the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Adademia-Think-Tank complex (MICIMATT,  if you will) — are far stronger than any president; and that, in that context, trying to cultivate a relationship of personal trust with a president, may be largely a waste of time.

The system in which Putin spent his early life put a premium on what the Soviets called yedinonachaliyameaning leadership by a person at the top who is fully empowered to make decisions and have them carried out by subordinates — or else. Putin’s personal experience working successfully with President Barack Obama in early September 2013 to head off wider war on Syria [more on that later] may have deceived him into assuming that presidents of the United States can exercise that kind of power, at will. And, if that were the case, personal dealings at the very top were the preferred way to untie Gordian knots — and even cooperate for mutual advantage.

In the years since, the notion was fully dispelled that a U.S. president is completely “his own man” and is rather hemmed in by the MICIMATT — and particularly by its Security State component with entrenched, exceedingly powerful intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  President Donald Trump calls this reality the “Deep State.”

Trump with Big [Oral] Stick

There must be a Siberian equivalent to the expression “All hat, no cattle.”  If there is, I can almost hear it coming from the Kremlin in reaction to some of  Trump’s rhetoric, like his remarks on May 23 in an interview with journalist Sharyl Attkisson:

“What am I doing? I’m fighting the deep state; I’m fighting the swamp…If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the deep state. It’s a vicious group of people. It’s very bad for our country.”

Trump has not hesitated to name the Deep State actors that he keeps in his sights — ex-FBI Director James Comey; ex-CIA Director John Brennan, and ex-National Intelligence Director James Clapper, for example — but, so far, he has shied away from actually taking them on.  He has even thrown a few of his closest supporters under the bus — like House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes when Nunes tried to send criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

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Thus, it remains an open question whether Trump will allow the various investigations now under way to bring indictments.  This is no parlor game; these would be very serious moves, with consequences hard to predict.  If it turns out that the president does have some cattle and decides to put them into play, those he labeled “a vicious group of people” will be fighting back tooth and nail.

RIP: The Russian ‘Hack’ of DNC

Trump may act this time because he was personally the target of the Russiagate affair. Recently revealed evidence is in his favor. Although the latest proof was released three and a half weeks ago, most Americans are unaware that the cornerstone of Russiagate, the charge that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers, has crumbled. Always evidence-impoverished, the accusation has now been shown to be evidence-bereft by the sworn testimony of  the technical expert, Shawn Henry, the head of CrowdStrike.  This is the cyber-security firm chosen and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC (with Comey’s blessing) to investigate the so-called Russian hack. …


This mafia posing as a national security bureaucracy has been leading this country to ruin for decades now.   It’s almost ready to formally change its forwarding address to china.   The chinese people should be very suspicious of their intentions.

Chinese Are New Targets for Destruction of the Family

MSM Glosses Over Reference to Chinese “Nazis” by Former Bloomberg Editor

‘A house full of love’: George Floyd remembered, in his family’s words

“Guys that was doing drugs, smokers and homeless people, you couldn’t tell because when you spoke with George, they felt like they were the president. Because that’s how he made you feel.

Kerth Barker says the video of the George Floyd murder looks like a ritual sacrifice to him. After all, Memorial Day commemorates military losses during wars. It is celebrated as a sacrifice day, which all war deaths are seen to be, by the “elite”. See “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars”…

It’s been a wet dream of the “elite” to start a race war and destroy the USA. Problem is, blacks don’t like to be railroaded into such an ugly portrayal of themselves. Many blacks have been pointing out how very misleading the reporting about the riots have been. They say the real instigators of the violence set them up, framed them – and they want no part of it.

Some say the violence originates from the whites in the Antifa crowd, paid for by George Soros’ organizations. Some say the violent ones have been shipped in from outside the state. Some wonder if the prison inmates who were released “due to COVID” might be part of the violence. Some think George Floyd’s death occurred as a result of a broken neck, dislocation of cervical vertebrae, destruction of the spinal cord.

Read more statements made by George Floyd’s family members at http://www.citypages.com/news/a-house-full-of-love-george-floyd-remembered-in-his-familys-words/571022811

Highwire: Crossing the Divide


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Tungsten contaminated vaccines given to kids will cause lethal cancer

Abstract: Heavy metal–tungsten alloys (HMTAs) are dense heavy metal composite materials used primarily in military applications. HMTAs are composed of a mixture of tungsten (91–93%), nickel (3–5%) and either cobalt (2–4%) or iron (2–4%) particles. Like the heavy metal depleted uranium (DU), the use of HMTAs in military munitions could result in their internalization in humans. Limited data exist, however, regarding the long-term health effects of internalized HMTAs in humans.

We used an immortalized, non-tumorigenic, human osteoblast-like cell line (HOS) to study the tumorigenic transforming potential of reconstituted mixtures of tungsten, nickel and cobalt (rWNiCo) and tungsten, nickel and iron (rWNiFe). We report the ability of rWNiCo and rWNiFe to transform immortalized HOS cells to the tumorigenic phenotype.

These HMTA transformants are characterized by anchorage-independent growth, tumor formation in nude mice and high level expression of the K-ras oncogene. Cellular exposure to rWNiCo and rWNiFe resulted in 8.90 ± 0.93- and 9.50 ± 0.91-fold increases in transformation frequency, respectively, compared with the frequency in untreated cells. In comparison, an equivalent dose of crystalline NiS resulted in a 7.7 ± 0.73-fold increase in transformation frequency. The inert metal tantalum oxide did not enhance HOS transformation frequency above untreated levels.

The mechanism by which rWNiCo and rWNiFe induce cell transformation in vitro appears to involve, at least partially, direct damage to the genetic material, manifested as increased DNA breakage or chromosomal aberrations (i.e. micronuclei). This is the first report showing that HMTA mixtures of W, Ni and Co or Fe cause human cell transformation to the neoplastic phenotype. While additional studies are needed to determine if protracted HMTA exposure produces tumors in vivo, the implication from these in vitro results is that the risk of cancer induction from internalized HMTAs exposure may be comparable with the risk from other biologically reactive and insoluble carcinogenic heavy metal compounds (e.g. nickel subsulfide and nickel oxide).


In early July, shortly after the beginning of Israel’s bloody military siege of the Gaza Strip, reports began to appear that Israeli forces were using a new weapon that inflicted strange and untreatable wounds, and significantly increased the death tolls of Israel’s attacks. (1)(2)

Italian investigators have reported evidence that the unidentified Israeli weapon is probably Dense Inert Metal Explosives, or DIME, a so-called LCD (“low collateral damage”) weapon developed by the United States Air Force. (3)

DIME bombs blast a superheated “micro-shrapnel” of powdered heavy metal tungsten alloy (HMTA). Studies indicate that HMTA embedded in the body disrupts biochemistry and rapidly causes cancer. Like depleted uranium (DU), HMTA is genotoxic—it is capable of inflicting genetic mutations. (4-10)…

In the scientific literature on tungsten and its alloys, the toxicity of HMTA stands apart. This formula (roughly 9 parts tungsten and one part nickel and cobalt or iron) damages DNA even when powders of the metals are simply mixed together. (4)(5)(9)….

Implanting four tiny bits of weapons-grade HMTA in lab mice induced terminal cancer in 100 percent of the subjects. A powdered HMTA recipe was tumor-generating and capable of “genotoxic effects”. At least one experiment found parallels in the way DU and HMTA attack DNA. The results of another suggested that HMTA may pass its genetic damage down to the next generation. (8)(5)(9)(10)

HMTA may be much more carcinogenic than DU when it is embedded in the body—as intended. “Tumors developed rapidly” in rats implanted with pellets of HMTA, but researchers “did not observe tumor formation in the DU-implanted rats.”…


New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination


Vaccines are being under investigation for the possible side effects they can cause. In order to supply new information, an electron-microscopy investigation method was applied to the study of vaccines, aimed at verifying the presence of solid contaminants by means of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an X-ray microprobe. The results of this new investigation show the presence of micro- and nanosized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccines’ samples which is not declared among the components and whose unduly presence is, for the time being, inexplicable. A considerable part of those particulate contaminants have already been verified in other matrices and reported in literature as non biodegradable and non biocompatible. The evidence collected is suggestive of some hypotheses correlated to diseases that are mentioned and briefly discussed….

Feligen, the only veterinary vaccine tested, proved to be the only sample free from inorganic contamination, while Allergoid generates a layer of inorganic salts so thick that it does not allow to detect other particulate contaminants….



Elements Identified

GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals

Infanrix hexa

W, FeCrNi, Ti



WCa, WFeCu, SiAl, SiMg, PbFe, Ti, WNiFe


W=tungsten, Ni=nickel, Fe=iron

Note that of the 43 contaminated vaccines listed, infarix hexa and priorix are given to newborn infants and toddlers, respectively.

They are murdering children.   With zero legal or financial liability.

Seen in this light, the following might not seem farfetched at all:

Which Satanic Corporation is in your Food?

Researchers uncover fake vaccine being marketed for infants