Zielinski, the Movie

I remember the first screening of this film in 2011 at the True/False film festival in Columbia, MO. The filmmakers took questions afterward, it was clear that the movie was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, they thought he was insane in an amusing kind of way.  No one in the audience had ever heard of the franklin coverup or satanic pedophilia.   How time flies.

By the Eighties, John Zielinski was a well-known author and photographer. His work had appeared in Life Magazine, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and countless other publications. But in a devastating 1984 contract dispute, he lost $50,000 and his professional credibility. “This was the opening shot – turning me back into an investigative reporter.”

Today Zielinski is the most blacklisted author in the history of Iowa. For 25 years he has dedicated his life to exposing human traffickers, pedophiles, drug dealers and Satanists. But as he says, “They don’t kill you unless you become effective.” The film traces the rise and fall of a true American original who has sacrificed everything in his quest for justice. Filmmakers Chase Thompson and Ryan Walker tell the story without voice over, using 47 years of source material, new interviews and music by Mark Speckman.

Radio interview from 1991 with John Zielinski and Ted Gunderson on WHO radio in Des Moines:


TCR interviews with him:




See the movie he put up on the net, Conspiracy of Silence, linked from:

Franklin Coverup: The White House Call Boy Ring

CKLN-FM Mind Control Series

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