CDC ACIP Brainiac: We’ll Get Rid of “White” Vaccine Refusers

I’m pretty sure she’s not talking about going out and killing “white” refuseniks, she apparently believes that refusers will die off without the “benefit” of medical meddling.   But these days who knows, she could be a “self hating white”, such is the advanced state of the matrix.

In any case, she’s far too ignorant and brainwashed to be telling anyone what to do with their bodies.    No wonder she’s on the CDC’s vaccine advisory committee.  Presumably she also calls herself a “liberal”, yet she’s probably ok with FDA guidance on vitamin D which penalizes black people for having dark skin.    Words have no meaning anymore.

This is the state of american medicine.    Do we really want universal health care with such idiots in control?

BTW: Speaking of hispanic immigrants, I wonder how she’d explain the following:

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