Spiro: Dr. Andrew Kaufman: They Want To Genetically Modify Us With The COVID-19 Vaccine

In this powerful interview Spiro is joined with Doctor Andrew Kaufman. Spiro and Dr. Kaufman discuss the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of a global health emergency.

Doctor Kaufman lays his reputation and his career on the line as he blows the whistle on what he describes as a manufactured crisis to carry out a preplanned agenda to facilitate global governance and population control.

Doctor Kaufman is a well-educated medical professional who convincingly illustrates, using the CDC’s own technical data, how the public has been manipulated on the grandest scale.

As you can see, the fascists at YouTube erased this information, so we are bringing you the interview from a platform that supports free speech — BitChute

Doctor Kaufman’s Website

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Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

One-Third of All U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Nursing Home Residents or Workers

Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several ‘serious’ protocol violations that year

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Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!

French army returned from Wuhan military games in October with mystery illness

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Cepheid Letter of Authorization


New York mom with coronavirus saved by medical-student son

A Brooklyn woman desperately ill with the coronavirus is breathing easy this Mother’s Day thanks to a novel treatment her medical-student son helped provide.

Josephine Bruzzese, who is 48 and otherwise healthy, woke up on March 22 with a fever, body aches, dry cough and trouble breathing. She lost the ability to smell or taste. Her family rushed her to NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn in Sunset Park.

“She was so short of breath she couldn’t speak” said her 23-year-old son, James.

The hospital diagnosed the mom of four with pneumonia, but with no coronavirus tests available, it sent her home as a suspected COVID-19 case.

Some symptoms improved when Bruzzese, who works in banking, was given the antibiotic azithromycin and the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine — but she still couldn’t breathe.

“We were very worried because she couldn’t stand up without almost passing out from shortness of breath,” her son said. “Her respiratory symptoms were very severe.”

James, who lives with his parents and three siblings in Bath Beach, is in his second year at the CUNY School of Medicine in a special program that combines a bachelor’s and medical degrees.

He began his undergraduate studies in the seven-year program before another family member fell ill, his 16-year-old sister Julia, who was struck by a mystery ailment in 2015 that left her unable to walk. She was later diagnosed with Lyme disease and still uses a wheelchair.

The family, who has used non-traditional therapies for Julia’s care, tried some on Josephine in a desperate bid to improve her breathing. But nothing was working.

So James sprang into action, placing a call to a key ally — Dr. Richard Horowitz, a Lyme disease specialist in the Hudson Valley who had treated Julia and for whom James has interned.

“I gave him the entire run down like I would do on rounds,” he said.

Horowitz had an idea. He suggested trying glutathione, an anti-oxidant produced by the liver that has been used to reduce inflammation in those suffering from the tick-borne illness.

“When you get a viral infection with a huge amount of inflammation you don’t have enough glutathione to be able to protect your very sensitive lung tissue,” Horowitz said.

James did not hesitate to give his mom the nutritional supplement, which they had in the house for Julia. After one 2,000-milligram dose, the family witnessed a miracle.

“Within an hour my breathing got better. It was amazing. I sat up, I got up,” Josephine Bruzzese recalled. She even started to make her bed. “I went and I took a shower.”

She took the pills for five days and had no relapse, her son said.

James wrote up his mother’s case for a study he and Horowitz coauthored on treating her and another patient, a Manhattan man in his 50s. It was published online in the journal “Respiratory Medicine Case Reports.”

The second patient told The Post he felt better after getting an intravenous infusion of the glutathione.

“Within half hour it helped with the breathing symptoms in particular,” he said.

James said he’s been spreading the word about the promising treatment by posting the study on social media and emailing it to his professors, some of whom are working on the front lines.

Doctors are already using high doses of vitamin C to treat those with the bug after it showed promise in treating coronavirus patients in China.

Dr. Purvi Parikh, an infectious disease, allergy and immunology specialist at NYU Langone Hospital, said glutathione may help in calming the immune system’s overreaction to the coronavirus known as a “cytokine storm,” but that more study was needed….


It’s just anecdotal … correlation is not causality.   It needs more study.   A double-blind placebo controlled 30-year longitudinal study using glutathione as a placebo should work.   Our crack pharm… er, medical researchers will get right on it ….

5G: Russian Study Indicates Glutathione Deficiency Affects COVID-19 Susceptibility, NAC Supplements Helps

COVID-19 Research: Findings from a new study released by Chinese researchers , Dr  Wenzhong Liu from Sichuan University and Dr Hualan Li from Yibin University has revealed that the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus attacks hemoglobin in the the red blood cells through a series of cellular actions, that ultimately renders the red blood cells incapable of transporting oxygen. https://chemrxiv.org/articles/COVID-19_Disease_ORF8_and_Surface_Glycoprotein_Inhibit_Heme_Metabolism_by_Binding_to_Porphyrin/11938173   …..


Vitamin C elevates red blood cell glutathione in healthy adults.


We examined the effect of supplemental ascorbic acid on red blood cell glutathione. Subjects consumed self-selected vitamin C-restricted diets, and, under double-blind conditions, ingested placebo daily for week 1 (baseline), 500 mg L-ascorbate/d for weeks 2-3, 2000 mg L-ascorbate/d for weeks 4-5, and placebo daily for week 6 (withdraw). Mean red blood cell glutathione rose nearly 50% (P < 0.05) after the 500-mg period compared with baseline, and the changes from baseline for individual subjects ranged from +8% to +84%. However, the increases in plasma vitamin C and red blood cell glutathione were not correlated (r = 0.22). At the 2000-mg dosage, mean red blood cell glutathione was not significantly different from the value obtained at the 500-mg dosage. After the placebo-controlled withdraw period, red blood cell glutathione did not differ from baseline. These data indicate that vitamin C supplementation (500 mg/d) maintains reduced glutathione concentrations in blood and improves the overall antioxidant protection capacity of blood.


New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C


Cluelessness is not corruption.  It’s just correlated with it.

Not all psychopaths are violent; a new study may explain why some are ‘successful’ instead

Psychopathy is widely recognized as a risk factor for violent behavior, but many psychopathic individuals refrain from antisocial or criminal acts. Understanding what leads these psychopaths to be “successful” has been a mystery.

A new study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University sheds light on the mechanisms underlying the formation of this “successful” phenotype.

“Psychopathic individuals are very prone to engaging in antisocial behaviors but what our findings suggest is that some may actually be better able to inhibit these impulses than others,” said lead author Emily Lasko, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology in the College of Humanities and Sciences. “Although we don’t know exactly what precipitates this increase in conscientious impulse control over time, we do know that this does occur for individuals high in certain psychopathy traits who have been relatively more ‘successful’ than their peers.”

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The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing, Immunity Cards and Mass Testing

The things we were worried would happen are happening.”—Angus Johnston, professor at the City University of New York

No one is safe.

No one is immune.

No one gets spared the anguish, fear and heartache of living under the shadow of an authoritarian police state.

That’s the message being broadcast 24/7 with every new piece of government propaganda, every new law that criminalizes otherwise lawful activity, every new policeman on the beat, every new surveillance camera casting a watchful eye, every sensationalist news story that titillates and distracts, every new prison or detention center built to house troublemakers and other undesirables, every new court ruling that gives government agents a green light to strip and steal and rape and ravage the citizenry, every school that opts to indoctrinate rather than educate, and every new justification for why Americans should comply with the government’s attempts to trample the Constitution underfoot.

Yes, COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the nation emotionally, physically, and economically, but there are still greater dangers on the horizon.

As long as “we the people” continue to allow the government to trample our rights in the so-called name of national security, things will get worse, not better.

It’s already worse.

Now there’s talk of mass testing for COVID-19 antibodies, screening checkpoints, contact tracing, immunity passports to allow those who have recovered from the virus to move around more freely, and snitch tip lines for reporting “rule breakers” to the authorities.

If you can’t read the writing on the wall, you need to pay better attention.

These may seem like small, necessary steps in the war against the COVID-19 virus, but they’re only necessary to the police state in its efforts to further undermine the Constitution, extend its control over the populace, and feed its insatiable appetite for ever-greater powers.

Nothing is ever as simple as the government claims it is.

Whatever dangerous practices you allow the government to carry out now—whether it’s in the name of national security or protecting America’s borders or making America healthy again—rest assured, these same practices can and will be used against you when the government decides to set its sights on you.

The war on drugs turned out to be a war on the American people, waged with SWAT teams and militarized police.

The war on terror turned out to be a war on the American people, waged with warrantless surveillance and indefinite detention.

The war on immigration turned out to be a war on the American people, waged with roving government agents demanding “papers, please.”

This war on COVID-19 will be yet another war on the American people, waged with all of the surveillance weaponry at the government’s disposal: thermal imaging cameras, drones, contact tracing, biometric databases, etc.

So you see, when you talk about empowering government agents to screen the populace in order to control and prevent spread of this virus, what you’re really talking about is creating a society in which ID cards, round ups, checkpoints and detention centers become routine weapons used by the government to control and suppress the populace, no matter the threat.

This is also how you pave the way for a national identification system of epic proportions.

Imagine it: a national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious beliefs, political viewpoint, legal status, etc. … [and by your genetic makeup.  Or did you think they’d throw the test kit swabs away?  A perfect setup for eugenics and selective population targeting.  -rw]


Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

Covid-the-first: Social engineers prepare permanent social stasis

COVID=Certificate of Vaccination ID ?

Will COVID-19 Sound The Permanent Death Knell For Public Transit?

During the virus crisis, ridership and service in both public transit and taxis (including Uber/Lyft LYFT) has fallen off a cliff. Scooter micromobility has plunged, too. People don’t want to get into a vehicle with others, or where unknown others just were. Of course, far few people are travelling. If they have access to a private car, that’s what they’re using. Because travel is so low, that works fine, as roads are empty and parking is plentiful. Green Bay Metro shut down entirely.

What happens when travel is restored? It won’t happen overnight — many people were restricting travel well before the lockdowns, and many companies had switched to work-from-home in advance as well. In time, it will increase, though some wonder if work-from-home will become a new normal that permanently dents traffic. Many doubt that — traffic finds a way to expand to fill the capacity available.

Even so, much of the fear of shared vehicles will remain. We’ll know that the virus is still out there, just beaten back for a while. We’ll be keeping it in check not with a lockdown, but with masks, social distancing and good hygiene, at least until a vaccine or treatment. The at-risk: Those over 55 or with pre-existing conditions, will remain just as cautious. To a large extent, those taking public transit will be those without much of a choice. (That’s partly true already in many towns, but the factor will be multiplied.) Public transportation has been on its way to a crisis and revolution, and the pandemic lockdown will hasten that and put it into sharp relief. …


Fasting plus vitamin C is effective for hard-to-treat cancers, study shows

Scientists from USC and the IFOM Cancer Institute in Milan have found that a fasting-mimicking diet could be more effective at treating some types of cancer when combined with vitamin C.

In studies on mice, researchers found that the combination delayed tumor progression in multiple mouse models of colorectal cancer; in some mice, it caused disease regression. The results were published in the journal Nature Communications.

“For the first time, we have demonstrated how a completely non-toxic intervention can effectively treat an aggressive cancer,” said Valter Longo, the study senior author and the director of the USC Longevity Institute at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and professor of biological sciences at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. “We have taken two treatments that are studied extensively as interventions to delay aging — a fasting-mimicking diet and vitamin C — and combined them as a powerful treatment for cancer.”

The researchers said that while fasting remains a challenging option for cancer patients, a safer, more feasible option is a low-calorie, plant-based diet that causes cells to respond as if the body were fasting. Their findings suggest that a low-toxicity treatment of fasting-mimicking diet plus vitamin C has the potential to replace more toxic treatments….