Déjà Vu: The WHO’s Handling of 2009 H1N1 Pandemic

The same Big Pharma actors, the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci et al were behind the H1N1 swine flu scam.

Members of the Expert committee of the WHO (including Director General Margaret Chan) were bribed in 2009.

The same committee was bribed in January 2020. And a lot of people have been bribed in relation to COVID-19.  That’s an understatement. 

The data on so-called confirmed cases and mortality were manipulated in 2009 and they are currently being manipulated in relation to COVID-19.

In 2009 Western governments and the WHO were complicit in a multibillion dollar fraud.  Do not let it happen again!

“On the basis of … expert assessments of the evidence, the scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met. I have therefore decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert from Phase 5 to Phase 6. The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic. … Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), Press Briefing  11 June 2009)

 ”As many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009)

Swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren’t successful.” (Official Statement of the US Administration, Associated Press, 24 July 2009).

“The U.S. expects to have 160 million doses of swine flu vaccine available sometime in October”, (Associated Press, 23 July 2009)

“Vaccine makers could produce 4.9 billion pandemic flu shots per year in the best-case scenario”,Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), quoted by Reuters, 21 July 2009)

Wealthier countries such as the U.S. and Britain will pay just under $10 per dose [of the H1N1 flu vaccine]. … Developing countries will pay a lower price.” [circa $400 billion for Big Pharma] (Business Week, July 2009)

The WHO casually acknowledged it made a mistake.

There was no pandemic affecting 2 billion people…  

Millions of doses of swine flu vaccine had been ordered by national governments from Big Pharma. Most of them were destroyed: a bonanza for Big Pharma.

There was no investigation into who was behind this multibillion dollar fraud. Today its the same organizations and the same people who “are at it again”.

The Western media which provided daily coverage of  the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, remained mum on the issue of fraud and disinformation.  

Lessons learnt from the 2009 H1N1 epidemic. DÉJÀ VU

Do Not Let it Happen Again!

Michel Chossudovsky, May 2, 2020

WHO: “Deeply Marred by Secrecy and Conflict of Interest” According to the British Medical Journal 

Selected Excerpts from AFP Report

The World Health Organization’s handling of the swine flu pandemic was deeply marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies, a top medical journal said Friday.

The British Medical Journal, or BMJ, found that WHO guidelines on the use of antiviral drugs were prepared by experts who had received consulting fees from the top two manufacturers of these drugs, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, or GSK.

In apparent violation of its own rules, the WHO did not publicly disclose these conflicts when the guidelines were drawn up in 2004, according to the report, jointly authored by the London-based non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The WHO’s advice led governments worldwide to stockpile vast quantities of antivirals, and its decision to declare a pandemic in June 2009 triggered the purchase of billions of dollars worth of hastily manufactured vaccines.

Much of these stocks have gone unused because the pandemic turned out to be far less lethal than some experts feared, fueling suspicion that Big Pharma exerted undue influence on WHO decisions.

The report also reveals that at least one expert on the secret, 16-member “emergency committee” formed last year to advise the WHO on whether and when to declare a pandemic received payment during 2009 from GSK.

Announcing that swine flu had become a global pandemic automatically triggered latent contracts for vaccine manufacture with half-a-dozen major pharmaceutical companies, including GSK. The WHO has refused to identify committee members, arguing that they must be shielded from industry pressure. “The WHO’s credibility has been badly damaged,” BMJ editor Fiona Godlee said in an editorial.

AFP June 4, 2010 (emphasis added)


Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite

Do you, dear reader, imagine it is any different in the USA? Pedophilia is a requirement for anyone who wants to achieve great wealth and power in any country. Many of the rich and famous have “sold their souls” for success. Not all, but many.

Case by case by case, the evidence builds that not only have psychopaths [see “Psychopathic Takeover“] populated the UK’s power structure but that often enough, being a pedophile has been an additional requirement. The entire ruling hierarchy is rife with this crowd and it is a long-standing British “tradition.” I believe pedophiles are put into high places not just because of their psychopathy, but because they can be compromised and controlled by the cabal. There is an element of this in the U.S. power structure as well. Whistleblowers and victims who go up against pedophile rings frequently end up dead [see the “Strange Death of Nancy Schaefer“].

Due to a change in legislation in 2009 by Jack Straw, it is now illegal for children in care to speak out if they are victims of abuse [see here].

Jimmy Savile (now dead) proved to be a very prolific pedophile. Savile was knighted by the Queen, knighted by the Vatican, was a top BBC figure (a household name), spent time with Margaret Thatcher at Chequers on several occasions (Thatcher lobbied heavily to have him knighted by the Queen), was close friends with Prince Charles (was even described as his “mentor” by Princess Diana) and spent time with him alone on at least one occasion [see here]. He also boasted that he had police pals who would protect him from child abuse claims…

Read more at https://www.winterwatch.net/2020/04/pedophilia-a-requirement-for-uk-ruling-elite/

Spiro: Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine

In this powerful interview, Spiro is joined by Whitney Webb and Ryan Cristián from The Last American Vagabond, as they discuss the rollout of a new system of control the likes of which the world has never seen.

It has been said to never let a good crisis go to waste, and it appears the ones pulling the strings are taking full advantage of the current crisis as more and more evidence emerges contradicting the official story that suggests this crisis is no accident.

The fact that Bill Gates has teamed up with the Department of Defense and DARPA, which is the special project research and development arm of the Pentagon, to develop a brand new type of vaccine which is being rushed into production is alarming to say the least.

Especially considering this new kind of DNA / RNA vaccine would normally take 15-20 years to roll out, while this one is being rolled out in a matter of months and is already undergoing human clinical trials. The urgency and rolled back regulations to streamline this new vaccine is, of course, justified by the crisis.

The Last American Vagabond Website

The Last American Vagabond BitChute

The Last American Vagabond YouTube

Ryan Cristian’s Twitter

Whitney Webb’s Twitter

Covid-19 was already ‘silently circulating’ in France before virus arrived from China & Italy – study

Introductions and early spread of SARS-CoV-2 in France


INOVIO Receives New $5 Million Grant to Accelerate Scale Up of Smart Delivery Device for Its COVID-19 Vaccine

Inovio COVID-19 Vaccine Uses Electricity to Drive DNA Into Body Cells

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Spiro: Bill Gates: Test Tube Meat, Mandatory Vaccinations & Real Time Global Surveillance

By now it is no secret the World Health Organization and the United Nations are among the many organizations funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In previous reports we have extensively documented Gates’ global vaccination programs and their connections to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals under the 2030 Agenda.

In this report, we document how Bill Gates is not only working to fulfill the UN’s global vaccine program, but how Gates is also working to take control of the food supply chain globally, a long-desired achievement of the UN.

Also find out about the mandatory vaccination policy being kept under wraps in addition to another Gates-funded venture to blanket the earth with real-time surveillance from space.

Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

United Nations to End Hunger by 2030: Eating Less Meat is Key

#Envision2030 Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research

Eye in the Sky: Bill Gates Backs Real Time Global Satellite Surveillance Network

Bill Gates backs $1bn plan to cover earth in video surveillance satellites

Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?

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War Talk Against China is Crazy & Unjustified

By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard sabers rattling and all sorts of bombast against China coming from all sorts of sources and it needs to stop.

Number One Reason?
The Wuhan Bio-Tech Lab where all this started is owned by George Soros, a citizen of the United States.  Not a Chinese lab at all, even though Chinese scientists were working there.
Number Two Reason?
The “feedstock” for the development of the chimera strain corona virus also came from the US, and was most likely donated or sold into the development project by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The virus has HIV splices of genetic coding allowing it to produce Glycoprotein 120, which has been Fauci’s “baby” since the 1980’s.
Number Three Reason?
In 2014, the US stopped development of chimera viruses.  In 2015, Fauci diverted almost $4 million in NIH research funding to George Soros’s Wuhan facility so the Chinese could continue development — Fauci evaded US Law and misappropriated funds to do it….

All ten reasons why war talk is unjustified can be read at http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/04/war-talk-against-china-is-crazy-and.html

Trump Signs Executive Order to Harden Nation’s Power Grid

President Trump on Friday signed the Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System over threats foreign adversaries could exploit vulnerabilities in the nation’s power supply network.

The executive order identifies emerging threats by America’s adversaries as they could be plotting attacks. The order establishes a task force to defend the power grid from attacks and interlinks various governmental agencies to share vital information about the network. It also prohibits the use of equipment for the power grid that is manufactured by a foreign adversary. …


EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans, DS Thinks That’s a Good Thing

Medicalized Child Abuse: The Disappearing Medical Exemption to Vaccination

Witnessing in their own words on the National Vaccine Information Center’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall at NVIC.org, the suffering of people being abused by medical doctors enforcing one-size-fits-all vaccine policies is being revealed. Americans from all walks of life are describing the trauma of being threatened, coerced and punished by doctors violating the informed consent ethic,1 , 23 who have abandoned the precautionary principle of “First, do no harm” 45 and are behaving more like prison guards than compassionate healers. When doctors and legislators are taught to consider individuals unable to get vaccinated without being harmed as expendable, and treat people defending informed consent rights like public enemy Number One, 6 the practice of medicine and public health lawmaking has lost its way and become a prescription for prejudice, discrimination and abuse.

Here is one mother’s experience:

“When my first child was born, we had him vaccinated on schedule. After a routine visit he had a reaction to one, which we believe was either DTaP or MMR. He screamed all night and it was not his typical fussy cry. He was different.

More than one doctor ignored our worry and never reported the incident. They expected us to continue vaccinating and we were told horror stories at each visit about kids who had died from being unvaccinated.

We stopped vaccinating him at 15 months when he was showing developmental delays. He had some autistic tendencies and a speech delay. He had to go to speech therapy for 5 years. Thankfully not diagnosed autistic. After we stopped vaccinating him the behaviors got less and less.

When my daughter was born we decided we weren’t vaccinating her based on my son’s reaction and doing research on vaccine ingredients. After she was born, we were harassed by the nurse because we wouldn’t give our minutes-old daughter the hepatitis B vaccine. She made a scene and my husband had to stand watch over our baby. We were told if we didn’t catch the kids up on their vaccines within the year at the pediatrician’s office we’d be dismissed from the practice.

After 10 years of being patients there, not only were we harassed and kicked out, there was no responsibility taken by the doctors for harming my son. To this day we have no pediatrician that will accept our unvaccinated yet healthy children.”  7

Doctors Are Abusing Their Power and Our Trust

Does the thought of going to the doctor or taking your child to a pediatrician fill you with anxiety or even fear because your doctor refuses to listen to you, makes you feel stupid and doesn’t seem to care about your child’s individual health needs? Are you concerned that your doctor will threaten or deny you or your child medical care if you decline even one of the dozens of doses of vaccines that government health officials tell your doctor to give to every patient?

You are not alone. Trust is the key to a positive relationship with a doctor, especially if you are a parent doing everything you can to keep the child you love healthy. We are all taught to trust doctors with the wellbeing of our physical bodies and the bodies of our children. Doctors hold the most power in the doctor-patient relationship, but they should not be allowed to abuse that power. Finding an enlightened, compassionate doctor, who treats you with respect in a personalized patient-centered practice, is one of the most empowering and life-saving actions you can take. 89

In a study published by the National Institutes of Health in 2015, researchers found that one in three people in the U.S. avoid seeking medical care because they don’t like the way doctors made them feel and have low confidence in their doctors’ competence.10 , 11 Struggling with chronic health problems and dissatisfaction with medical advice for how to heal or stay well are main reasons for why between 25 and 40 percent of Americans and Europeans embrace holistic health alternatives like dietary supplements, meditation, yoga, spiritual healing, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy to maintain health. 121314 .


We need to get past the myth that doctors are always doing their best to service the needs of the patient.  It’s long past time to kick them off their pedestal and hold them individually accountable for the abuse they inflict on women and children while militantly ignoring the abundant evidence of harm, especially the documented harms of obstetrical abuse, circumcision, contaminated and overused vaccines and their profitable sequela, psychiatry.    The idea of getting a medical degree and coasting downhill the rest of their lives while blindly following the dictates of their authority figures isn’t a viable life plan for aspiring physicians given the level of corruption of institutional medicine.   A little humility is called for.   A LOT, actually.

Physically abusive parents also tell themselves that it’s for the child’s own good.    There is no difference, except that doctors have made a science and a business model of it: munchausen by proxy consent.   And sometimes their actual intentions are manifestly malevolent.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2011/04/burstow-on-shock-as-violence-against-women/

Parents need to do whatever it takes to protect their kids from lifelong harm.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
— Dr. Marcia Angell, 2009 http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2009/jan/15/drug-companies-doctorsa-story-of-corruption/

“The case against science is straightforward: Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. As one participant put it, “poor methods get results”. The Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical Research Council, and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council have now put their reputational weight behind an investigation into these questionable research practices. The apparent endemicity [i.e. pervasiveness within the scientific culture] of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of “significance” pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale. We reject important confirmations. Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent, endpoints that foster reductive metrics, such as high-impact publication. National assessment procedures, such as the Research Excellence Framework, incentivise bad practices. And individual scientists, including their most senior leaders, do little to alter a research culture that occasionally veers close to misconduct.”
— Richard Horton, editor in chief of Lancet http://www.thelancet.com/pdfs/journals/lancet/PIIS0140-6736%2815%2960696-1.pdf

Radical, Subversive, Crazy Mother Protects Her Kid From the Luciferian State

Doctors Caught on Tape Plotting to Take Custody of Newborns Whose Parents Refuse Vitamin K Shots

JAMA Admits Vaccination Policy is Harming Premature Infants and Says “So What?”

CPS and Human Trafficking

Highwire: Glyphosate Linked To Aggressive Breast Cancer, Alarming Generational Changes In Offspring

Two new studies add to the body of science, showing glyphosate— a key ingredient in Bayer AG-Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup—is harmful to living systems. The studies point to convincing evidence the chemical can alter DNA by actively working at the epigenetic level.

These alarming studies strongly suggest glyphosate is affecting human chemistry at the genetic level to turn on negative, disease-causing traits – even into future generations. These study results indicate glyphosate progressively weakens the genome of living systems exposed to the chemical. It increases susceptibility to health problems and increased infertility.

These discoveries come from a collaboration of scientists from Purdue University and the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)/Institut de Cancérologie de L’Ouest (ICO) in Nantes, France. Together, they found glyphosate can lead to mammary cancer when combined with another risk factor. Their work was published in Frontiers in Genetics and shows that glyphosate primes mammary cells for tumor growth by reprogramming epigenomes.

“This is a major result and nobody has ever shown this before,” says Sophie Lelièvre, a professor of cancer pharmacology at Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “Showing that glyphosate can trigger tumor growth, when combined with another frequently observed risk, is an important missing link when it comes to determining what causes cancer.”

What other frequently observed risks propelled breast cancer growth?

It is assumed that only 5–10% of cancers are directly caused by inherited genetic abnormalities. The remaining 90% of cancers are linked to environmental factors that directly or indirectly affect DNA.

The researchers discuss environmental and lifestyle factors as other “oncogenic hits,” including diet, tobacco, infections, obesity, alcohol, radiation, stress, physical activity, exposure to heavy metals, and other pollutants.

Therefore, glyphosate is one “oncogenic hit” that, combined with another oncogenic hit, promotes the development of mammary tumors. A+B=C(ancer)

For the study, scientists exposed noncancerous human mammary epithelial cells to glyphosate in vitro over a course of 21 days. The cells were placed in mice to assess tumor formation. Although cells exposed to glyphosate alone did not induce tumor growth, cancerous tumors did develop after glyphosate was combined with molecules that were linked to oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is a chemical reaction that occurs as a result of aging, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, or other stressors. It alters the organization and integrity of the genome of the breast, aiding cancer development.

What was particularly alarming about the tumor growth was that it wasn’t the usual type of breast cancer we see in older women,” Lelièvre said. “It was the more aggressive form found in younger women, also known as luminal B cancer.

Another first-of-its-kind study from Washington State University exposed pregnant rats to just half the rate of the commonly used herbicide Roundup that is considered safe for exposure. Researchers found that roughly 90 percent of the next two generations developed health problems by the time they were one year old, including kidney disease, obesity, or issues with their ovaries, testicles, or prostate.

The most dramatic finding, says WSU professor of biological sciences Michael Skinner, showed about one-third of the future generations had miscarriages and/or died during pregnancy.

It’s not just a decision of our own right now to say, ‘I don’t mind being exposed to this,‘” Skinner says. “If those have effects generations down the line, we have a responsibility to our future generations.

The WSU study builds on findings of a 2018 study that looked at glyphosate exposure in U.S. pregnant women, using urine samples as the measure of exposure. Published in the journal Environmental Health, the authors concluded, “We found that > 90% of pregnant women had detectable glyphosate levels and that these levels correlated significantly with shortened pregnancy lengths.

Termed “Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Adult-Onset Disease,” the findings add yet another layer of evidence why countries like the U.S., who haven’t announced outright bans on the product, should reconsider their policy. …


Trojan Horse: Monsanto’s Roundup is MUCH Worse than Glyphosate

Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic

Roundup Killing Kidneys in Central America, India, Sri Lanka

Google Caught Burying Vaccine Safety Info

Is advocating for safer vaccines a “fringe” idea? Google’s algorithms seem to think so. In recently leaked documents, Google identified the search query “do vaccines cause autism” to be demoted/hidden using its algorithmic censorship methods.

Project Veritas reports:

“(San Francisco, CA) A Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas made the decision to go public in an on-the-record video interview. The insider, Zachary Vorhies, decided to go public after receiving a letter from Google, and after he says Google allegedly called the police to perform a “wellness check” on him.”

Along with the interview, Vorhies asked Project Veritas to publish more of the internal Google documents he had previously leaked. Said Vorhies:

“I gave the documents to Project Veritas, I had been collecting the documents for over a year. And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

Project Veritas reported that, “After having been identified by an anonymous account (which Vorhies believes belongs to a Google employee,) on social media as a “leaker,” Vorhies was approached by law enforcement at his residence in California. According to Vorhies, San Francisco police received a call from Google which prompted a “wellness check.”

Vorhies described the incident to Project Veritas:

“they got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”

“[T]his is a large way in which [Google tries to] intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company…”

“Partial video of the incident was provided to Project Veritas. San Francisco police confirmed to Project Veritas that they did receive a “mental health call,” and responded to Vorhies’ address that day.”

To date, Google has been publicly exposed for attempting to sway the 2020 U.S. election and its removal of certain news organizations from its rankings and searches. However, Google’s censorship efforts have also extended into the health and food information sectors. Investigations have shown Google’s ‘machine learning fairness’ and algorithmic discrimination to heavily favor industry talking points and actively defend Big Pharma and Big Ag products from open debate, justified scrutiny, and scientific facts that may cast products in an unsavory light.

Google’s manipulation doesn’t stop with the vaccine debate. Bayer AG has been involved in three high-profile cases, with over 18,000 more waiting in the wings, to defend their Roundup herbicide from litigation claiming it caused cancer. During the course of all three trials and up to present day, Google’s autocomplete results are purposely hindering the public from finding truths about Roundup. Looking at the data and facts, one could deduce that Google is siding with Bayer AG to actively steer online traffic away from connections between Roundup, cancer and information about Bayer’s lawsuits.

When typing in the words “Roundup” into Google search engine, their autosuggest option returns “Roundup for lawns” as the top suggestion.

When referencing another Google product, Google Trends, you can see there are more people who are looking for information on both “roundup cancer” and “roundup lawsuit” compared to “roundup for lawns.”

In the era of ‘fake news’, how far will Google’s effort run to hide the facts about vaccine safety, from a world starving for the truth.


Apparently it’s not impossible to make safer vaccines, but it’s more expensive:

2009: German Chancellor and Ministers to receive special vaccine

BTW: google seems to be onboard the oswald lone gunman / magic bullet conspiracy theory.   It goes without saying that the establishment as it stands has a strong interest in maintaining the official myth of who murdered JFK and why.    The treason and criminality runs deep.    Deception is the breath of the state.

Documentary: JFK: An Unsolved Murder

Highwire: Candace Owens Goes Public About Her HPV Vaccine Reaction

Popular American commentator and political analysts Candace Owens recently told her 1.8 million followers on Twitter of a ‘terrible’ reaction she experienced from her HPV shot. The post went on to receive nearly a thousand comments, the majority of which were sympathetic to her.

Owens then continued by decrying government overreach warning that “mandating diseases that are not contagious…is a dangerous precedent of government overreach.”

Since its inception, the HPV vaccine has been a source of much controversy. The recent book HPV Vaccine On Trial expands on several inconvenient facts surrounding the shot.

The reader will see the truth: the side effects are underreported by medical personnel, while there are a growing number of parents suing manufacturers and governments for inducing lifelong handicaps, even death, of their loved ones. In fact, this is the tragic example of various segments of our society, worldwide, placing economic interests before the health and protection of our younger generation. I congratulate the authors of this book, who are showing the world this scandal.
-Luc Montagnier, MD, Nobel Prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus

The authors of the book sat down with HighWire host Del Bigtree to discuss some of the shocking facts they discovered while researching the topic. Also interviewed are scientist Dr. Sin Han Lee and Sanvax.org President Norma Erickson.