Young children find a parent’s hug more calming than a stranger’s

For infants as young as four months, a hug from a parent makes all the difference. A study appearing April 7 in the journal iScience examined heart rate responses in infants less than one year old during a hug and found that children as young as four months experience greater heart rate slowing during a hug than a hold — and during a hug from their parent as compared to a hug from a stranger. The researchers say that the study offers some of the first evidence that hugs play an important role in early bonding between parents and their children.

“Like most parents, we love to hug our children,” says first author Sachine Yoshida of Toho University in Tokyo, Japan. “We also know that children love to be hugged by their parents. But what surprised us as scientists is how little we know about hugging.”

One question was whether a hug was really calming or whether any increase in pressure — for instance, from being held — could be soothing. To begin to explore this in the new study, Yoshida along with Hiromasa Funato and their colleagues examined heart rate responses in infants less than one year during a hold, a hug, and a tight hug. They also looked at what happens when a female stranger did the hugging instead.

“The infants older than four months old showed a high increase ratio of heartbeat intervals during hugging by their parents than by female strangers,” Yoshida said. “Parents also showed a high increase ratio of heartbeats intervals by hugging their infants. We found that both infants and parents come to relax by hugging.”…

“Your baby loves to be hugged and loves how you hug your baby,” Yoshida adds. “Even though infants cannot speak, they recognize their parents through various parenting methods, including hugging, after four months old at latest. We hope that knowing how your baby feels while being hugged help ease the physical and psychological workload of taking care of infants too young to speak.”

This is a problem for our childhood- and family-wrecking social engineers in white coats, who have been trying very hard to adapt children to the stringent requirements of state-controlled reproduction and indoctrination for decades.    Or it would be if they were actually concerned with child welfare.   Luckily, they’re not.

In any case, wrapping newborns tightly in a mother-love-depriving straightjacket (“swaddling”) approximates a hug by the standards of our sociopathic authority figures, who are simply reproducing their own likely-tragic childhoods on the rest of us.   See bill gates for instance in the second link below.

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