‘WHO blew it!’ Trump accuses global health watchdog of being CHINA-CENTRIC despite ‘largely US-funded’

US President Donald Trump slammed the World Health Organization for its “faulty recommendation” that the US – which now has more coronavirus cases than China – should keep its borders open during the early weeks of the epidemic.

The president warned he would be having a “good look” at why the WHO, chiefly funded by the US, was so “China centric” in a tweet on Tuesday.

Congratulating himself for not listening to the NGO’s advice, Trump wondered aloud about its motivations….


I don’t wonder about its motivations.   It’s a predatory arm of the robber baron mafia.   Fabian fascists like the DNC.

He deserves congratulations.   Now if he’d only stop listening to other social engineers like gates and fauci.

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