VIDEO: Watch Bill Gates Call For Global Depopulation

Surprise!   Covid is especially toxic to older people via the melatonin link.   It seems gates loves economically harvestable and trusting kids a bit more than the politically educated oldsters who might be able to tell them a thingertoo about reality.    Such as the fact that the medical establishment is optimized for maximum profitability, which is not even orthogonal to health, but contrary to it.    For instance, the reason flu shots are free is that they increase the pool of people with chronic illness, long term customers of the pharmaceutical industry.   There’s no end of evidence for the long term toxicity of vaccines in general.   See for instance .


Newsweek 2009: The Case for Killing Granny

There’s another demographic targeting aspect to the melatonin link: water fluoridation, which tends to cluster around higher population areas, probably distant from the walled estates where gates vacations.

Water Fluoridation Increases Suggestibility

And the PR front for the modern eugenics movement:

The Real Enemy: YOU

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