MSM Glosses Over Reference to Chinese “Nazis” by Former Bloomberg Editor

The original story was aired by NPR:

… FOLKENFLIK: In 2013, Fincher’s husband, Michael Forsythe was a reporter for Bloomberg News in Beijing. Bloomberg had already published his team’s investigation into the wealth of the families of Communist Party leaders. The Chinese ambassador had warned the company against publishing. Death threats followed. Fincher and Forsythe moved to Hong Kong, yet the team kept reporting.

FINCHER: He continued to do an investigation. And it was that story, this story on Wang Jianlin, China’s wealthiest man, and his ties to senior Chinese Communist leaders, including Xi Jinping.

FOLKENFLIK: Xi had just become president of China.

FINCHER: And I saw these emails from the editors praising it…

FOLKENFLIK: Meaning the reporting.

FINCHER: …Saying that, yeah, it’s – we’re really excited about this. We can’t wait to, you know, move it forward.

FOLKENFLIK: Three former Bloomberg journalists verified this account. After that, however, radio silence. The story never ran.


FOLKENFLIK: Her husband.

FINCHER: Mike and some of the other reporters and editors who had been working on this story just were asking for answers about why was this story killed.

FOLKENFLIK: The famously intense founding editor in chief of Bloomberg News finally weighed in – that’s Matthew Winkler. Back then, two editors told me the story needed work. That’s not the reason Winkler cited for killing it.


MATTHEW WINKLER: It is, for sure, going to, you know, invite the Communist Party to, you know, completely shut us down and kick us out of the country. So I just don’t see that as a story that is justified.

FOLKENFLIK: NPR obtained this recording of Winkler on an October 2013 conference call. Winkler praised the team but warned about covering the Chinese regime, which he called…


WINKLER: The Nazis who are in front of us and behind us everywhere. And that’s who they are, and we should have no illusions about it….

I don’t think we the people should have any illusions about it either, or any illusions about the fate of the american peasantry if the satanic cult that installed the chinese oligarchy and transferred most of the US industrial infrastructure to them should succeed in their plans for creating a new world order.   Nor should we have any illusions about the nature of a “free press” which managed to turn this story into an “investigative” piece about bloomberg while ignoring the import of Winkler’s insights into the culture of china’s elites.

This glimpse into the realities of china’s oligarchy is all too rare and thus it could be somewhat misleading to extrapolate, but the historical pattern is far too coherent to ignore.

The most dangerous epidemic raging on this planet for the past century is the plague of the malthusian eugenicist fascist robber baron nazis who continue puppeting the world and spreading their satanic philosophy and practices from the shadows of wall street and european financial centers.   After financing the installation of the bolsheviks in russia, the nazis in germany and the fascists in italy, and  their near overthrow of FDR it seems they’ve successfully cloned their satanic cult onto China’s elites while neutering any semblance of a free press here.

One dollar = one vote in the real power structure.   By that measure, the overwhelming majority of humanity is literally insignificant in determining the future.    Satan rules on this plane and the opportunities for escape from the system are rapidly closing off, especially with this new “plandemic” and its forced and final “solution”.   At some point the only defense remaining will be through organized non-participation via mass psychic liberation.   This is why satan’s slaves promote atheism.   It’s also why obstetrical and circumcision trauma are a cornerstone of the american status quo.   Imprinted satanic abuse causes the mind to retreat from the world and construct a “safe zone” within, to the detriment of psychic empathic connections which would promote grassroots organizing and the ability to visualize and actualize alternatives.   Thus the need to export our toxic obstetrical practices to unsuspecting chinese parents.   The “dumbing down” of the peasants is happening on an emotional level as well as an intellectual level.

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