Bill Gates & the 5G-CV connection

What part might 5G play in the deaths attributed to the 2020 Coronavirus? Overlay the maps of CV deaths and 5G installations. Wuhan was the first big 5G installation – 10,000+ towers in that city. Is it true that 5G was developed to use on the battlefield, a military grade weapon to control crowds? What else does Bill Gates have his fingers in?…

Bill Gates Foundation, Rothschild Vanguard & Blackrock ChiCom manufacture Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak by funding both the creation of the virus and the vaccine. Bill Gates is the New World Order’s equivalent of a chief science officer. As such, his top priority is depopulation. His stated method is vaccines. Bill is walking in his fathers footsteps, who was also tasked with depopulation while head of Planned Parenthood.  A proud legacy of eugenicists.

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