Bill Gates REFUSES to recommend nutrition (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C) and instead focuses entirely on vaccines and police state tracking

Microsoft co-founder and outspoken eugenicist Bill Gates has a plan to tackle the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But it doesn’t involve actually supporting the human immune system through proper nutrition.

Instead, Gates wants to jab everyone with a future vaccine, as well as indefinitely force people to social distance from one another and remain in isolation for their own alleged protection.

During a recent interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Anthony Mason, Gates divulged how he believes that the federal government needs to “set the priorities” on testing so that “we can all go back to some level of normalcy.”

According to Gates, the executive branch along with so-called “experts” in public health need to be putting extreme pressure on the governors of all 50 states to implement medical martial law, in violation of the Constitution, because this is the only way to tackle the crisis.

Failing at any point to mention the benefits of things like zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C for natural immune support, as well as any of the treatment methods successfully employed in South Korea, Gates instead spoke of harsh government restrictions, chemical vaccines and even novel Mark of the Beast microchips as the “solutions” to the pandemic situation.

Gates says he’s concerned about all of the people out there who are “worried” about catching the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), but who can’t get tested because there isn’t enough capacity. What he’d like to see is expanded testing capacity in order to support his foundation’s efforts to develop “new vaccine platforms.”

“I think this time people understand that this is a trillions-of-dollars event,” Gates stated about the impact of the virus on the world economy. “It’s going to be hundreds of thousands of lives on a global basis.”

“I think now people understand why those alarms were raised and that, for the next one, we will be far more ready than we were for this one,” he added….

Can you see the elite business, depopulation and social control opportunities  taking shape?

  1. Release a bioweapon from the extensive collection of exotic bugs  which have no doubt accumulated at the bsl4 labs over the years.   Airborne ebola would be particularly effective.
  2. Impose quarantines and shut down the economy except for the chosen corporations through which all production and profits are to be channeled.   The effect on peasant protests is a welcome “side effect”.
  3. “Discover” a silver bullet for the bug which is also sitting on a shelf,  probably at the same bsl4 lab.   Enforce universal treatment via martial law, funneling profits to the appropriate insiders.
  4. Donate the resultant casualties to the medical mafia or crematoria as appropriate.
  5. Vacuum up residual social debris into the prison industrial complex as with the fake drug war.
  6. Repeat.

This is not a theory.   It is inevitable given the obvious merger of motive, means and opportunity.   Nature loves feedback loops even more than she loves the hierarchies that they create.   Of course there will be diminishing returns with each iteration, but disaster capitalists will always find new opportunities in the peasants’ endless drive for survival in the face of such machinations.

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