12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic… then 10 more…

“Strictly by the numbers,
the coronavirus does not register
as a dire global crisis”

Above quote from Globe and Mail, 11th March 2020

Please see the two links below to two excellent articles containing brilliant statements from sane scientists all over the globe. Many of the readers’ comments following the articles are also full of excellent information and updates.

Below is our list of twelve medical experts whose opinions on the Coronavirus outbreak contradict the official narratives of the MSM, and the memes so prevalent on social media.


Following on from our previous list, here are ten more expert voices, drowned out or disregarded by the mainstream narrative, offering their take on the coronavirus outbreak.


Could this over-the-top Covid campaign be considered terrorism? I suspect so. If not, then let’s hold daily briefings on heart disease, diabetes, cancer, suicides, hunger, abortion and the seasonal flu. More attention is warranted on the real killers of humanity and much healing is needed on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Remember this?…

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