Radically Contagious Flu-like Infection Circulating in Oz in June 2019

We’re only halfway through the year – and by Monday morning we’re certain to record the second-highest number of confirmed cases of the flu since records began.

How bad it might get – and whether influenza will contaminate the nation in two waves, as it did in the US in the 2018-19 season – the experts cannot say.

There are signs, notably in South Australia, that suggest it’s possible. What’s driving this possibility is the early start – and early spike – to the season nationally, an event that hasn’t been seen since 1995.

As of Friday, there were 96,264 laboratory-confirmed cases, according to the federal government’s National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System.

Influenza notifications reported to the WA Health Department have spiked early and much higher than previous years. Graph: WA Health Department…


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