Per Deborah’s Instructions, Message to All SCAN Cells by Kerth Barker

Most of what I write here in this article is only going to make sense to SCAN members. And this article is really only written for SCAN members. But I’ll explain this much to anyone else who happens to read this.

Certain SCAN members monitor this thoughtcrime website on a regular basis, looking for new articles by me. When they spot such articles, they share copies of the articles with the SCAN leaders of the various cells that make up SCAN. So this is a method of dissemination to cell leaders.

I don’t have much to say these days that would be of interest to SCAN leaders, as they generally know more about what’s going on than I do. But I do have one last thing to say that would be of interest to them. So this new article, posted on March 29th, 2020, is significant to the SCAN monitors.

Precognitive persons, “cogs”, think differently than most earthlings. Cog leaders, like Deb, have their own logic that must be respected, if not understood, by those of lesser cog ability, such as myself.

So when Deb gave me certain specific instructions, like the friend of SCAN that I am, I decided to follow them exactly rather than question them. She gave me these instructions a number of years ago, but I have followed them. The instructions given to me by Deborah were this:

“When the seven books of Kerth Barker have been finally completed, with all appendixes, postscripts and whatnots, post this fact on thoughtcrimeradio under the Kerth Barker pen name.”

“You need to get this all done by the early part of 2020.”

“Before the various SCAN cells all went independent, they were instructed to prepare to take certain time-coordinated actions to be triggered by the announcement of these books’ completion.”

“Before our leader left, he said he would return. He said that to know when the time of his return was at hand, we were to look for certain signs that he described to us. All of these other signs have been met. The final sign is this announcement, that you will make.”

“So once you make this announcement, on that thoughtcrime site, all of the independent cells will become fully prepared to act upon our leader’s return.”

“Tell no other person of this until after you have assured the completion of the seven Kerth Barker books. Until you make the announcement, no one else must know of its significance. This is the last thing I ask from you.”

Using automatic-writing SOP, I’ve been able to recall my conversation with Deb, that took place years ago. And I’m posting this article per her instructions. So now I can announce that the seven Kerth Barker books, that James and Deb wanted me to write and publish, have been put out in their final versions.

I don’t know what the independent SCAN cells are going to do exactly in response to this announcement. And I don’t know what Deb meant when she said that SCAN’s leader is going to return. James was SCAN’s founder and leader until the announcement of his death. Although it was generally believed that James had died, I don’t know if anyone found his body. Maybe he will return to lead SCAN. But SCAN leaders also believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader of SCAN. So maybe Deb is talking about the Second Coming of Christ. Or maybe this was a coded message, I don’t know for sure what this means. If you’re in SCAN, you probably know more about what this means than I do.

But I feel safe cooperating with SCAN this one last time because I trusted James and I trust Deb. She trusted me to do this, and so it’s done.

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