Converting Brain Signals into Action

Problem > Reaction > Solution

With so many people disabled due to wars, the ill effects of pharmaceuticals, etc, this could be the solution for them and their families.

If this technology is not used for military purposes, it might prove to be helpful. If used for military purposes, it might be dangerous. Has a movie yet been made that features robots or drones controlled at a remote location by orders from the mind of a “mad scientist”? Coming soon to a theater near you?

A team of NCATS-supported researchers at the University of Pittsburgh developed a micro-electrocorticography grid that may help paralyzed individuals move again. The device, which is implanted in the brain’s movement-controlling motor cortex (see image inset), helps this study participant practice simple computer tasks using only her mind. A computer system interprets her brain’s electrical impulses captured by the device then converts the signals into movement controls in virtual environments. (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Photo)

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