99% who died from coronavirus in Italy had previous medical conditions

by John Gage | March 18, 2020 05:19 PM

A new study found that more than 99% of the deaths from the coronavirus in Italy were individuals who had previous medical conditions.

Italy has had over 2,500 coronavirus deaths along with 30,000 confirmed cases, and health officials have been looking through the data to find what has contributed to the deaths.

The study showed that nearly 50% of the deaths came from individuals who had three or more previous medical conditions. The other 50% had one or two other previous conditions.

Just three of the fatalities from the data analyzed came from people with no medical history.

The average age of someone infected in the country was 63 years old, and the average age among those who had died was 80 years old.

So far, there have been over 214,00 confirmed cases globally and nearly 9,000 deaths. Over 83,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

And then there is the question about 5G, which Italy is proud to have installed before most other countries… like China, especially Wuhan which has installed 10,000+ 5G towers.


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