The Nazi Plan to Vaccinate Every American

They didn’t lose WWII, they only merged with their robber baron sponsors via operation paperclip. And they have plans for us.   Who are we to stand in their way?   After all, we’ve already donated our boys’ genitals to the cause.   Satanic ritual abuse is already the medical standard of care,  this is just the next step in the corporate cult’s hazing ritual.   And they discovered a foolproof way to deal with vaccine contamination and autoimmunity issues: they rig the research to make them statistically insignificant using fake placebos, doctored randomization or simply neglecting to collect data or test for quality control.   And then there’s always the “appeal to authority”.   It’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing.   They know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s not like there’s an agenda here.   Even WWII was only about spreading the good news of the arrival of the master race, not subjugating the rest of us under its boot.  Where’s the gratitude?

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It’s fitting that the “final solution” will be carried out with the aid of the robber baron’s newest creation: the chinese government.

Are Chinese Vaccines Flowing in your Veins?