17 key personality types when it comes to handling coronavirus

With the stress of restrictions and self-quarantines, some Americans are lashing out at one another. They are criticizing each other’s attitudes, decisions and approaches.

When it comes to handling a crisis— or any pressure— I think a lot of an individual’s response has to do with personality type.

An alarmist personality will not be able to convince a fatalist to see things their way, and vice versa. The process of trying can create conflict and frustration.

Here are 17 key personality types when it comes to handling coronavirus. Which type(s) are you? What about your family and friends.

1. The Enforcer: This personality polices everyone else.

“You touched your face!” “Why aren’t you home in isolation?” “You let your kids eat like that?”

2. Drama Queen: This person creates drama around the simplest event.

“OMG! I went to the store and they were COMPLETELY OUT OF MY favorite potato chips! I can’t fall asleep at night if I don’t eat those special chips. I’m going to be a mess tomorrow morning! I won’t get any sleep. I’m definitely going to get sick…”

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