Is Bill Gates Profiting From The Outbreak? Or Is Something Far More Sinister Taking Place?

As we see what is now being called a global health emergency regarding the coronavirus continue to grow on a daily basis, we also see how the solutions to this crisis fall in line with pre-positioned plans and agendas.

In this report, we look at a potential solution offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which intends to provide at-home testing kits for those who believe they may have been exposed to, or may be possibly infected by the virus.

Is Bill Gates making money on this public health crisis? Or is there another motivation behind the 100 million dollars the foundation has donated to combat this outbreak?

Let’s examine this together…

Gates-funded program will soon offer home-testing kits for new coronavirus

An Invisible Quantum Dot ‘Tattoo’ Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids

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US Intel Agencies to Wage Information Warfare in 2020 Election

President Donald Trump just signed the National Defense Authorization Act. One of the countless provisions included, enables the US military and the US intelligence agencies to actively engage in open information warfare to ‘protect the US presidential elections’ of 2020.

Looking back on recent history, President Obama included the precursor to this provision in his NDAA Authorization Act before leaving office. As we look back on how Obama’s provision titled “The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act,” we witnessed a massive purge of independent media and those who dared to question the state’s authority, accused of being Russian agents!

Right now the US military and its intelligence agencies are preparing to wage a massive information war, will the American people be caught in the crossfire yet again? Let’s not forget, Obama repealed the ban on domestic propaganda before leaving office.


Censored: Vitamin C is helping Chinese coronavirus patients

Any time a natural treatment shows some promise in addressing health concerns, those who stand to profit from selling pharmaceuticals start working overtime to ensure that the news is marginalized. That is certainly the case right now when it comes to vitamin C and its potential to help people suffering from coronavirus.

Just as stories are starting to emerge from China about how well vitamin C is working on patients with pneumonia, news feeds and search results are being overrun with stories warning people about the dangers of megadoses of vitamin C. And while no one would advocate injecting yourself with the vitamin at home, the truth is that even relatively small doses of the vitamin, like those you’d find in a multivitamin, are having an impact.

While some websites try to dismiss this as “fake news,” the truth is that many of those who are singing the praises of vitamin C are highly qualified and experienced medical doctors who have read the studies and understand the science behind them – and many of them have seen the positive results firsthand.

One group that has been reporting nonstop on this matter is the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, whose editorial board is composed of dozens of physicians, health professionals and academics.

As they’ve been reporting, the biggest danger of novel coronavirus is seen when it progresses to SARS and pneumonia. That’s where vitamin C can come in handy. As a matter of fact, doctors have been using it since the 1940s to fight viral pneumonia.

In case you have any doubts, consider the official statement made by the Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Hospital in China, which recounted how four patients with severe coronavirus-related pneumonia had recovered from it and a further eight had already been discharged from their hospital. They said high doses of vitamin C brought about good results in clinical applications, and they believe it should be given to patients who have severe pneumonia as quickly as possible after they’ve been admitted to the hospital.

They also pointed out that several studies have shown the dose of vitamin C appears to be linked to how effective the treatment is. High doses of vitamin C, they state, improve antiviral levels and can prevent and treat acute respiratory distress and lung injury.

Success being seen around the world in using vitamin C

Similar results have been seen in South Korea, where a doctor from a hospital in Daegu has said that all of their staff members and inpatients have been taking oral vitamin C for more than a week. Those with symptoms have also been getting 30,000 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C. The doctor reported that this helped some patients get better after two days, but most saw their symptoms vanish after getting just one injection.

At least three studies that have been announced publicly are underway into high doses of vitamin C via IV in China at the moment, with tons of vitamin C being shipped into Wuhan. One Chinese doctor, Dr. Richard Z. Cheng, said that vitamin C does not harm people and is one of the few – and possibly only – agents that can stop people from getting the virus, in addition to treating it.

Of course, you won’t see that in the mainstream media, which is supported by ads from big corporations whose profits could be threatened if people start to flock toward natural treatments instead.

The same thing is being seen in oncology, by the way, with vitamin C long showing utility as a potent anti-cancer medication. This is supported by studies like one from the University of Salford showing that the vitamin inhibits cancer cell growth in the lab and is 10 times stronger than experimental drugs targeting cancer, due mostly to its ability to starve cancer cells.

It’s very irresponsible of the mainstream media to keep such potentially helpful information from the masses. When you hear stories of vitamin C being ineffective in fighting coronavirus, it’s important to consider the source and take a few minutes to look into the research yourself so you can make an informed decision.

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Democrats Want To REVERSE Trump’s Travel Bans Despite Coronavirus Spread

Of course there’s a huge disconnect between the dem’s sudden concern for human rights and hysteria about Trump’s supposed racism, and their decades of funding and supporting one imperial adventure after another. Something doesn’t compute, unless you consider the decades-long bipartisan march toward global governance, of which the economic devastation being caused by the virus is one more step.   The democrats are pursuing the shock doctrine for the USA, the only strategy that could force its population to kneel before the planetary overlords who own both parties and the MSM.

House Democrats have introduced legislation that would undo President Trump’s travel bans from coronavirus stricken areas, despite the fact that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has said that the impact of the crisis would be much worse had the travel bans on China and Iran not been in place.

Democrats want to strip the President of the authority to implement the bans, introducing a bill titled the “No Ban Act,” which would allow travellers from Wuhan and other infected areas to keep arriving in the US unimpeded.

“This bill imposes limitations on the President’s authority to suspend or restrict aliens from entering the United States and terminates certain presidential actions implementing such restrictions,” the bill  summary reads.

The legislation vaguely says that Trump should only be able to “issue a restriction when required to address a compelling government interest.”

The bill further declares that before any travel ban is imposed, the President would be mandated to “consult with Congress.”

Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders also said this week that he would not impose any travel bans during the coronavirus crisis.

The action flies in the face of advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID, who told lawmakers during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing Wednesday that “I believe we would be in a worse position,” had such travel bans not been imposed by Trump….

“Whenever you look at the history of outbreaks, what you see now in an uncontained way and although we are containing it in some respects, we keep getting people coming into the country that are travel-related, we’ve seen that in many of the states that are now involved.” Fauci said.

“We will see more cases and things will get worse than they are right now. How much worse they get will depend on our ability to do two things: To contain the influx of people who are infected coming from the outside and the ability to contain and mitigate within our own country. Bottom line, it’s going to get worse.” he added.

Fauci’s comments regarding travel restrictions have been echoed by The New England Journal of Medicine, which recently reported: “At least on a temporary basis, such restrictions may have helped slow the spread of the virus.”…

Why Everything Is Closing For Coronavirus: It’s Called ‘Flattening The Curve’

Fact Checking the 5G/ Coronavirus Hypothesis – James Corbett & Derrick Broze


Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us to discuss the hypothesis that 5G is responsible for the symptoms associated with the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the identifiable facts and the notable shortcomings with this hypothesis, and we contrast that with Derrick’s documentary, which lays out the no-nonsense, no-speculation truth about the dangers of 5G.

Derrick’s 5G Trojan Horse documentary here:

4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions that Never Came True

Image credit: Pxhere (CC0 Public Domain)

The Prediction: Top climate specialists and environmental activists predicted that “global cooling trends” observed between WWII and 1970 would result in a world “eleven degrees colder in the year 2000 … about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.” Bitter winters and floods from “delayed typhoons” would trigger massive drops in food production, followed by widespread famine…

What Actually Happened: Global cooling trends didn’t continue unabated, and temperatures stabilized. Within a few years, the same alarmists were predicting a life-threatening rise in temperatures, presaging many of the same dire effects on plant and animal life. Those new predictions were continually revised as their “near certainty” collided with the truth year after year, but prophets seem unchastened by their abysmal historical accuracy. Newsweek issued a correction to the 1975 article in 2006.

The Prediction: More women having babies in the developing world was expected to exceed the “carrying capacity” of the earth, experts were certain. “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supply we make,” Ehrlich said. Continue reading 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions that Never Came True

‘US Army Behind Covid-19 In Wuhan’: China’s Foreign Ministry

A truly bombshell and unprecedented accusation, underscoring that if Sino-US relations amid the broader crisis weren’t already bad enough, they’re about to crash much, much lower: China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman tweets “it might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” — the widely acknowledged epicenter and origin point of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Such shock allegations have recently been swirling in foreign media, especially in Chinese, Iranian and Russian press; however, this is the first time such a high Beijing has leveled the charge — this after President Trump controversially referred to it as a “foreign virus”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made the remarks on his official Twitter account Thursday, citing prior televised testimony by CDC Director Robert Redfield to the House Oversight Committee:

Why Everything Is Closing For Coronavirus: It’s Called ‘Flattening The Curve’

… There’s a good reason to “cancel everything.” All these decisions by public officials and businesses are aimed at one goal: slowing down the spread of the virus to avoid overburdening a healthcare system that doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle a sudden surge of tens of thousands of cases at once. Without mass closings, that surge is exactly what will happen, just as it has in Italy.

It’s called “flattening the curve.” And that’s exactly what it is when you see it visually. Here’s what is looks like in an illustration from Max Roser at Our World in Data, very similar to the figure in a recent Emerging Infectious Diseases study on social distancing to reduce pandemic influenza.

Basically, if you assume a certain number of cases are inevitably going to occur—which epidemiologists can somewhat predict based on how the disease is behaving—continuing business-as-usual allows cases to escalate rapidly in just a few weeks, spiking so high at once that they completely overwhelm hospitals. In such a scenario—such as Italy is facing now—more deaths are likely because there simply aren’t enough hospital beds, enough face masks, enough IV bags, even enough healthy doctors and nurses to care for everyone at once.

But if that same number of cases can be stretched out over months, never quite exceeding the healthcare system’s capacity, then people will get the care they need, more healthcare providers can avoid illness and burnout, and fewer people are likely to die—as South Korea has impressively shown….

The same applies, of course, to restrictions on international travel.