Schumer Wants To Regulate Gun Parts As Whole Guns

A while back, I picked up an AR-15 at a pawnshop. I didn’t get a chance to shoot it for a while, and when I did, it wouldn’t chamber a round. Apparently, the previous owner had used a couple of incompatible parts in the upper receiver. As it had been a while, I didn’t take it back to the pawnshop. Instead, I decided to buy a new upper. That way, the AR-15 was ready to roll, and I could swap out the incompatible part later and use that upper on another rifle.

However, it seems Sen. Chuck Schumer has a problem with that approach….

Doesn’t he look like a nice man?   Someone you could trust if he had a gun and you didn’t?   Or if he had a dagger and you were tied down to a satanic altar?

But it doesn’t matter, the point is that he represents a system which has proudly trumpeted its savagery to the entire world for years, although you won’t hear about that in our free press.

Seriously, did you think the germans in pre-nazi germany were stupid?   More likely they were mind controlled via systemic medicalized child abuse, prussian education and controlled media, the very same factors which dominate american culture.

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